Plot Edit

The Ninja Stor (Wind Rangers) Return To Yea Being Rangers When Lothor Returns

Transcript Edit

Sensai cam Stop being a baby and Suk on ur Dik

Cam witch one got Them All In Ur Colset


Lothor Yes I Have returned lets hope My foolish brother dint bring his Power Rangers Wth him this time

Sensai CAM (Smakes him)

Cam wtf did i do

Sensai Go Suk On My wifes pussy


(Sensai Goes Out There


Lothor Hello Brother

Sensai Fuck Off Got No Time For U


Lotrhor Cool Suffer my dik


Sensai No


Lothor Its Time To Die


Cam ugh dad r u watching ben 10 again cos Oh Fuck

Sensai Ugh i am a ginna pig again

Lothor Nephew

Cam What

Lothor Fuck Off


Cam ugh I Gotta Call Shane Shane get here

Shane awwww What for

CAM Lothor Hes back

Shane T-Shirt u want me to ware a T-Shirt to the ball cos No i havent got A Date

Cam ugh dickhead

Shane So Wtf is this

Cam Lothor Hes back

Shane awww but we mesogog Killed Him In The Dino Thunder/Ninja Strm Teamup Then the lab was destroyed by The DT Rangers

Cam No He Survived

(After Thunder Struck)

(evreything Is gone Suddley Someone gets Up)

Lothor That Took For Ages

Cam Thats How He Survived

Shane Shit Were Idiots

(Sensai Comes)

Sensai y did u bring these chumps in

Cam Becos Lothor Has Returned

Sensai yes he did he burped on me Cammy Sammy

Cam ugh

Sensai He Attacked Me Outside

Cam And Turned U Into a ginna Pig

Sensai Yes But He Retreated


Cam That Will Be One Of His Warriors Go Heres Ur Morphers Say Ninja Power

Shane awww Yea Ninja Power

Shane Were Here


Lthoe Fol

Shane aweww Wtf

Tori Its u Agasin

Duystion Hes Had It


Lothor Layughs U fools

Shane Power Striuke


(Flames All Around)

Shane ugh

Lothor U tryed that last time u faced me

Shane Yea And Ur Gonna Down


Lothor Fool

Shane Saber


Lothor Ha


Tori Hes Too Powerful

Lothor Im Sik Of This B7ullshit Im Leaving (He Leaves)

Cam well that was ur frist test

Shane yea we were shit

Cam well u better not go Shit In The Future Other Wise He Will Smash Ur Skulls

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Cam & Shane (After He Calls Shane Back)
Air date 24 Feb 2003
Written by User:Death88

User:Six Is Gone

Directed by User:Ernief0000
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Wild Wipeout Part 2
The Teaching

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