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Fury Gets The Plesio Zord And Attacks The Rangers With It He Summons The Megazord Destroying Ther Megazords Kendall Trys To Get Contral Of The PZ But Fails Keeper Meanwhile Has To Deal With His Brother Deeper

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Sledge With Poisandra Gone I Need A New Top General

Fury What You Din't Name Me As Your Top General

Sledge Ahh Yes I Din't Cause Your Not Worthey Eongh

Fury Fool (Leaves)

Sledge Wait Ugh Screw Him

Kendall Rangers You Need To Stay In Hawaii

Tyler Why

Kendall Because The Plesio Zord Is There

Tyler kkk (The 6 Go To Japan)


Keeper (On The Phone) No Deeper I Don't Want To See You (Keeper Wallks Out side The Base And Sees Deeper) Shit

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Why Are You Here

Deeper To Play With You btw Ive Got Tickets To See MMPR

Keeper We ARE In Power Rangers

Deeper k? So That's All

Keeper Yes

Kendall So Who The Fuck Is This

Keeper Nothing (Uses The Force To Push Kendall Into A Locked Up Room)

Deeper Lol The Force Where Did You Learn That

Keeper fyi I Learned It In Collage

Deeper Ahh Yes Collage That's My Next Stop

Keeper BS

Deeper No Its True

(In Hawaii The Rangers Are Wallking Ther Ambushed By Spikeballs)

Spikeballs 2 Laughs

Tyler Lets Pull Our Morphers Out Dino Charger 1

Shelby Dino Charger 2

Chase Dino Charger 3

Riley Dino Charger 4

Koda Moves Of Jagger 5

(Keeper Trows A Rock At His Head)

Koda Ok Dino Charger 5

Ivan Dino Charger 6

(They Morph)

Koda Lets Pull The Strings On These Baffoons

Ivan Dino Charger 88 Dino Ptera Mode Dino Ptera Strike




(The Spikeballs Are Destroyed)

(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge Plesio Warrior

Plesio Warrior Yes

Sledge Destroy The Rangers

PW Yes

(The Rangers Are In A Tent Btw Its Nightime)

Tyler Sersley We Cant All Fit In This Tent

(The Next Moring Koda Makes Poo On Toast With Farts Evreyone Leaves Koda He Gets Sad And A Warrior Arrives)

Plesio Warrior Wheres The Zord Or Suffer

Tyler Oh No Kodas In Troubled

Flo Rida & Olly Murs Why Does It Feel So Good But Hurt So Bad

Tyler Hey You

PW Ahhh Maybe You'lle Know Where The Plesio Zord Is

Tyler Nah We Don't Where Dumbfucks

PW Fools Then Il Just Do Something That Will Bring You Down (Retreats)

Koda What Dose He Mean By That

Tyler idk

PW Master Sledge Please Allow Me To Finsh The Mission

Sledge GO!

PW Yes

Keeper Get Out The Door Is That Way You Are Not Welcomed Here

Deeper :(

Keeper :)

Tyler So That Warrior Must Be Looking For The Plesio Zord Too

Koda Then We Must Stop Him

Chase Aggred

PW No You Wont

Tyler Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 5

Ivan 6

Koda Dino Charger 88 Dino Master Mode Dino Master Strike



PW Ugh....Fools

Ivan Ptera Wing Strike

PW You Cant Defeat Me

Ivan Oh Yeah

PW Oh Yeah

Ivan Saber Slash



PW No-


Sledge No Fools Enlarge My Warrior

(PW Grows Kendall Arrives With Plesio Zord

Kendall Your Going Down Plesio Blast




PW Ugh...You Idiot

Kendall Ok Time To Form My Megazord

Tyler Lets Help Dino Master Lamp Tung Taffie Max Megazord

Ivan Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord

Kendall Plesio Lion Octopus Megazord

Tyler Shit That's A Good Formation

PW Fools I Own This Place

Kendall Plesio Strike


PW Shit

Tyler (Taps Him And Punchs Him)

Kendall Lets Turn This Into A Cannon

Tyler Wait You Don't Have A Energem So Yeah

Kendall Eh Worry About That Later Plesio Cannon

Ivan Locked

Tyler Shelby Koda Riley & Chase Locked

Kendall Fire This Thing

Tyler & Others (expect Kendall) FIRE





Tyler So How Did You Get The Plesio Zord

Kendall Ahh

(In 1934)

Old man Here Have The Plesio Zord

Kendall Yes M8


Koda That Flashback Is BS

The End

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Air date 19 November 2015
Written by User:Omyx

User:Chris Otto

Directed by User:Stranger26
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