The Polchie Group Has 3 Members Zurg Elana & Captin Nemiess They Are The 1st Arc Villians

The Polchie Group & Zurg Holds The Key In The Ep Elana Makes A Chip Call

Group FormationEdit

Zurg Formed The Team In These Eps As He Sent Icon Out To Get The Rights To The Presdent Thing Icon Fails And Is Puniched By Zurg And Then Zurg Gets Nemiess To Go After Albedo For Getting The Car As He Won The Game Show As Zurg Wanted The Money He Fails And Zurg Reviles He Has A Plan That Inculdes Elana

Zurgs Time Attack PlanEdit

As Zurg Sent Galvins To Get The Secerdey Code So He Could Break Elana Out Of Jail Of His Plan He Spys On The Co At The End Of The Same Ep And Says Ther Future Is Not Safe Zurg Sends Elana Out To Locate The Time Key So He Could Get It To Unlock The Time Hole She Sucseeds And He Confrents Ben At The End And After A Short Battle Zurg Goes Into The Time Hole

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