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As Shelby Cant Cross Her Eyes And Bees A Brat About It Fury Gets The Ptera Zord And Attacks The Rangers With It He Also Is Joined With One Of His Latest Warriors

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Air date 28 August 2015
Written by User:InsideSpace'sMind
Directed by User:Stranger26
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The Chase Move
The Ptera Megazord Fight


Keeper Ok Guys Since The Ptera Charger Is In Furys Hands We Will Do It The Nice Way

Tyler That Way Would Suck

Keeper Aham No One Gives A Fuck M8

Tyler Fuck You

(The Rangers Expect Chase & Tyler Go To Fury)

Shelby Can We Have The Ptera Charger Please

Fury NO

Shelby Ugh

(Riley Is Watching Simpsons)

Riley Um This Show Sorta Is Fucking Out There

(Riley Watchs Homer Choke Bart He Does That To Chase)

Riley Why You Little

Chase Ugh Ugh Ugh

Sledge Fury What Happend

Fury The Rangers Tryed To Get The Ptera Charger Off Me

Sledge Did They?

Fury No

Sledge Then Dont Let Them Other Wise You Will Face The Greenzlia

Fury No Anything But That

(In The Dino Musem)

(Kendall Is Checking Stuff)

Kendall Someone Has Been Touching These Bones

(Kendall Looks At Her Uncles Throne)

Kendall Someone Has Been Sitting On This Chair

(Kendall Looks At The Girl Staue)

Kendall And Some MotherF****r Has Been Touching My Girl Staue

Tyler Is that Porn

Kendall Yes

Tyler My Sisters Boyfriend Touched That

Kendall Sersley

(Tylers Sisters Boyfriend Comes Eating A Doughnut)

Tylers Sisters Boyfriend What?

Kendall The Door Is That Way (Points To The Exit)

Tylers Sisters Boyfriend Yes Mamm

(He Goes)

Kendall Ive Tracked Down The Ptera Zord And Fury But Hes Rechargeing It Right Now Huh A Attack You 5 Go

(The 5 Race To The Location)

Tyler Ok Whos Harming This City

Wester Me

Tyler Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 5

(tHEY Morph Tyler Gets Out Dino Charger 6 The Cycle Charger And Slashs Into Him The Warrior Blasts The Fuck Outta Him)

Tyler Ugh

Koda That Fuckers Mine Dino Charger 8 Dino Flex Saber

Wester I Dont Think So Cunt Tastle My Blast






(The 5 Unmorph)

Wester You Fools

Koda Ugh Caveman Strenth

Wester Cavemans Are Weak (Retreats)

Tyler Ugh Shit My Hip Hurts

(Back At The Dino Base)

Keeper Yes Tyler You Have A Hip Infection Someone Else Needs To Bond With Your Energem

Eddie Murphy Me

Keeper Fuck Off

(Eddie Murphy Leaves Angry)

Tyler No I Can Still Fight Im Dino Might

Keeper Dino Shit

Tyler Ugh

(Wester Returns To Fury)

Wester Ther Weak Ther Dino Charges Are Nothing Aginst Me

Fury Yes Thats Why You Will Destroy Them The Charger Is Still Charging Soon Il Be The Ptera Master

Wester Yes Aggred

Tyler Ok So Now What Do We Do Since We Got Defeated

Keeper (Takes Some Back Pills) Stop The Warrior Duh?

Tyler Whatever Man

Keeper Ok Guys I Think Its Time That You Got Dino Ultra Modes

Koda Ultra Mod- Wtf

Keeper Its Your Power Up Mode Kendall Has Invented Dino Charges 13-17

Kendall Yes I Have

Tyler Then Lets Use Em

Keeper Yes Oh No A Attack

Wester Fools This City Will Crumble To Dust

Tyler I Dont Think So

Wester You Can Watch The Demise Of This Worthless Hole

Tyler Oh Yeah Dino Charger 1

Shelby Dino Charger 2

Riley Dino Charger 3

Chase Dino Charger 4

Koda Dino Charger 5

Wester Fools

Tyler Dino Charger 13

Shelby Dino Charger 14

Riley Dino Charger 15

Chase Dino Charger 16

Koda Dino Charger 17

Tyler Dino Ultra Mode

(Tyler & The Others Go Ultra Mode)

Tyler Dino Gun (He Blasts The Warrior The Warrior Wacks Tyler And Shoots Him He Falls)

Koda Lets Use The Dino Axe (He Uses The Axe And Wester Falls)

Wester Shit You Idiots Sledge

Sledge I Cant Reach The Enlarger (Falls Off His Seat) Shit

Wrench Ugh Il Do It Enerlarge

(Wester Grows)

Wester Now Whos In Trouble

Tyler You Are Dino Max Zord

Shelby Dino Tung Zord

Riley Dino Taffie Zord

Chase Dino Lamp Zord

Koda Dino Master Zord

Fury Ahhh Yes Its Done Now Il Summon The Ptera Zord Laughs The Rangers Are Fucked Now

Koda Dino Master Max Lamp Taffie Tung Megazord Lets Try This Charger Dino Max Taffie Tung LAMP Chip Megazord

Wester Fools




(tHE megazord Falls)

Tyler Shit What Happend

Fury Suck My Zord Rangers You Guys Suck

(The Ptera Ziord Blasts The Megazord)

Fury Yes Your Down And Soon Be Out

(The Ptera Zord Keeps Blasting The Megazord It Runs Out Of Batrey)

Fury Ugh Fuck This Im Going (Leaves)

Tyler Oh No That Was The Ptera Zord (Gets The Megazord Back Up) Lets Stop This

Koda Aggred Chip Blast




Wester Shit-


Fury Ugh No Sledge Will Punish Me If I Cant Destroy The Rangers And That Fucking Weak Warrior Failed Me

Tyler So.....Now That Furys Summon The Ptera Zord What Happens Now

Keeper We Need To Find The Gold Energem

To Be Contined.....

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