Plot Edit

The Rangers Are Hit By Astromeas Latest Warriors Bullets Witch Makes Em Go Hyper/Angry The Rangers Descover A Crystel That Can Be Useful To Something

Transcript Edit

Astromea So Red Ranger Is Destroying My Warriors

Elicpter My Duel Wth Him Will Have To Wait

Astromea Eongh Wth Ur Duel Hyperlater

HL Yes My Queen

Astromea Make The Rangers Go Hyper And Destroy Them That Easley

HL Yes My Queen

Ashley Ya Ya Common Carlos

Carlos Yewah Im Onto It

Ashley Ya

Andros Alright Eongh Rangers

Ashley y

Deca coz Of Foolishness

Carlos Ok Vagina

Deca Ugh

HL Rangers Ur Mine

Andros Lets Go

HL Fools

Andros Saber Strike


HL Fool


Carlos Were Going To HaveTo Destroy These Warriors

Andros Theres Only 1

Carlos Lets Destroy This Warrior

Andros Yes

HL Fool

TJ Trydo Cannon


HL Fool (Goes Big)

Andros Cent Megazord

HL Watts Tat

Andros Its The End Of Ur Line

Cassie Saber Strike


HL Yes Stupid Saber


Andros Guys I Have A Plan Use The Cannon Larncher

Cassie Cannon Larncher


HL Fool-


Cassie Yes

Astromea Next Time All U Useless Fools Better Do Soething

Daronda DS I Pledge My Loytoee To U

DS Yes

Darkonda Astromea Dosent know Shes The Red Rangers Sister

DS Yes She Dosent & She Nv Know

Darkonda Yes Aggred Dark Specter

(He leaves)

Darkonda IT All U Fools Need A Entrance So U Can All Die

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 19 May 1998
Written by User:Thunderstruck25
Directed by User:Candy Give Me It (As Candy)
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The Way To Go
Rangers Off Gard

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