Kendall Sends The Rangers Off To Hawaii For A Break The 6 Run Into Eggman From (Sonic Boom) Who Bees A Moron While Fury Goes After The Purple Energem (Witch Is Located In Hawaii)


Albert Din't Appre Cos Judd Lynn Din't Want Him In It

Transcript Edit

Keeper Ah Ho La Rangers

Kendall Rangers You Need To Serch For The Purple Energem

Tyler Booooooooooooooo

Kendall Why Is It Boo

Tyler Cos We Don't Like This Energem BS


Tyler No We'll Go (The 6 Leave)

(The Rangers Are Catching A Airplane To Hawaii Ivan Looks Down And Sees A Octopus With Ink Coming Out Of Its Ass)

Ivan Wow He Farted Smells Good

Tyler So Whatts The Plan Keeper

Keeper You Need To Serch For The Purple Energem

(Riley Opens The Door Of The Plane And Puts The Finger Up To A Guy Who Was A Bully To Riley When He Was Young)

Riley Ugh fuck Him

(In Sledges Ship)

Fury Master Poisandra Has Been Destroyed

Sledge Ahhh Yes She Was AFool

Fury And A Vagina

Wrench Master Fury I Foiund Your Purse

Fury Screw That I'm Going To Hawaii

Reporter The Purple Energem Is In Hawaii

Sledge Fury Go and Get The Purple Energem In Hawaii

Fury Yes

(Fury Leaves)

(The Plane Lands Koda Hops Out And Falls On His ass)

Koda Oh Shit

Tyler Hey Guys Remember Pokémon Go

Koda No That's A Shit Game

Tyler Whatever (Plays It Dies) Yeah I Aggre Now

(Fury Lands In A Froset In Hawaii)

Fury Ugh Shit I Need The Hawaii Amblance

(The Ablance Come)

Amblance 2 So Whatts The Problen

Fury I Broke My Leg

(Meanwhile Tyler Goes To A Shop And Byes Smokes)

Tyler Ahhh Much Better

Kendall Rangers Stop Fuqing Around And Find The Purple Energem

Tyler Um How About No

Kendall Fuck You Tyler

(In Sledges Ship Curio Is Sad)

Curio Poisandras Destroyed

Sledge Yes She Was A Vagina Wasn't She

Curio But You Loved Her

Sledge That Was Years Ago Befor She Was A Slut Now Fuck Off

(Ivan Sees A Shop He Wallks Into It And A Band Straps Onto His Leg)

Ivan Ugh Shit

Fury Hello Rangers What Are You Doing In Hawaii No Matter Soon Il Have The Purple Energem

Ivan Rangers Lets Cook Him

(The Rangers Morph)

(Tyler Summons Dino Charger 13 And Goes Dino Ultra Mode And Blasts Fury He Gets Back Up)

Fury Ugh....Fools

Tyler Your Going Down

Fury I Don't Think So


Meat Warrior Hello Rangers It Seems That The Purple Energem Is On This ISLAND

(MW Strikes The Rangers They Unmorph)

MW Fury Find The Purple Energem

Fury Yes (Fury Goes)

Tyler Ugh Shit

(In The Hawaii Shop Koda Is Looking At Porn Tyler Then Sees The Purple Energem And Goes To Grab It But It Reviles To Be Goo)

Tyler Mayham Strikes Again

(In Sledges Ship)

MW Them Fools

Sledge Yes The Rangers Are Fools

MW Yes Aggred

(In The Hawaii Café Tyler Takes Selfies Of Himself Posts Em On FB And Sells Some Out Of The St Fury Shoots Him)

Tyler Ugh

Fury Now Time To Shut Your Boner Up

Tyler Ugh No

Fury Times Up

Tyler No Your Dick Can Shut It Dino Charger 88 Dino Max Mode Dino Max Strike



MW Fury Ive Gotten The Purple Energem

Tyler Give It Back You Scum

MW Uh Oh Never I Found It Frist Finders Keepers Lossers Weepers

Keeper Yay I Get To Have A Energem

MW I Will Unlock The Full Force Of This Energem

Tyler No You Wont Dino Max Strike



Fury Ugh.....Fool (Retreats) Sledge Enlarge

(MW Grows)

Tyler Oh Shit Dino Max Taffie Tung Lamp Master Megazord

Ivan Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord

Tyler & Ivan Ptera Wolf Lamp Megazord

MW Fools





Tyler Ugh

MW Now I'm The King

Tyler Dino Master Sorwad Saber Slash



MW No-


Tyler Awww Yeah His Weak

Fury Master The Rangers They Have The Purple Energem

Sledge Ah Yes They Do But You Have A Punishmeant Waiting For You

Fury Yes Aggred (He Wallks In The Greenzilas Room And Is Bashed Up Hard)

Sledge Don't Fail Me Again

Tyler So Kendall Weve Got The Purple Energem Now What

(Kendall Turns Her Computer Off)

Tyler What What Did I Say

The End

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Air date 2 November 2015
Written by User:OmniWill
Directed by User:Stranger26
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Kodas Last Choice
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