Plot Edit

Some Humans Find The Qautem Morpher Mr Colions Dsides To Get His Hands On It And Become The 6th Time Force Ranger (Befor Eric Comes Back)

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Mr Colions & Gluto Near The Morpher
Air date 2 September 2001
Written by User:Letter guy

User:Ultra3000 User:Ben10fan3

Directed by User:Planet awesome
Episode Guide
Colion Of A Colion
Eric Returns


Ransik Ugh The Rangers Defeat my Warrio4rs Steal The Sparro Sorwad And fool

Nadira But The Rangers r Tough For Our Warriors

Ransik Shutup

Gluto Them Rangers r Fools

Frax No u all r Fools

Gluto Hey Ransik The Qautem Morpher Is On TV

Ransik Wat ImpossableYes Them Rangers r Fools

Mr Colion i can feel The Morphers Powers 

Gluto No Old Man Ur not gonna Get That Morpher Ransik Will

Mr colion no im afrid Im Going To Spot u


Meatr Warrior Yes U fool

Mr Colion Wat

Meat Warrior Ur such a pathetic fool Now The Morphers Ours

Wes So NowWat

alex jen u must use Thius New Birthday Present I Gave U

Jen yay

(Jen Opens It And)


(wres Was Thinkoing Of that)

Wes That Would Of Been Bad

Jen Wat

Trip Wes Help Us Weve Gotta Find A ticket for Yea

TV Reporter The Qautem Morpher Has been found By Some fools

Wes Wat That Morpher Was Erics

Jen Yea Dont Give It to him

TV Reporter tis fool was going After It

Wes That fool Is My father

Jen Wtf

Wes ugh his going after the A Attack

MW Wat Fools U r

Wes Hey U

MW Yes

Wes Saber Strike


MW Hahahahaha

Wes Thats It

Mr Colion y r u being a fool

Gluto To Destroy The Rangers

Ransik Ahhh the red Rangers Father ur A fool

Mr Colion uh oh

To Be Contined/The End

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