Plot Edit

The RPM Trainners Return Looking For The Silver & Gold RPM Morpher

Transcript Edit

Killbotye Now IOl Despose Of That Red Ranger

Venjix This Better Work

Killbotye Come Rainners These r The RPM Rainners

Venjix WTF

Killbotye Wtf? U Should Be Impressed

Venjix Just Get On Wth It Soon Il Have The City Of Corath

Dr K U 5 Must Stop Being Retarted Dicks

Scott What Why The Fuck Would We Be D***s

Dr K Um Becos U Just r

Rainner 2 This Planet Is Stupid

Rainner 1 Aggred




Scott Were Here Wtf

Rainner 2 The Power Rangers Prepper To Suffer

Scott That's It Saber Level Mode

Rainner 2 Weak As U Always Are




Sciott Ugh

Rainne3r 1 U r So Pathetic

Trainner 2 We r The RPM Trainner Put Ur Hands Up

Rainner 2 Not These Cunts Again (The 2 Retreat)

Trainner 1 What r U Fools Doing Here

Scott Fools Were The Power Rangers

Trainner 2 Huh Ur A Joke

Scott A Joke Ur The Joke Here

Dr K Who The Fuck Trainners Wtf r U Doiung Here

Trainner 2 Dr K The Rainners Have Returned

Scott Who r The Rainners

Dr K There The Trainners Evil Twin

Trainner 2 And Who r These Pozas

Dr K There The Power Rangers

Trainner 1 More Like Power Punks Now Fuck Them Off

Dr K Fine F**K Off Rangers

Scott But Dr K No Ugh

Shiffter The Rainners Have Come Now To Get Rid Of That Level Mode Killbotye

Killbotye Yes Master

Scott These Punks Have Popped Up Out Of NoWhere And Have Just Tooken Our Place

Summer IKR A Attack Lets Go

Rainner 2 The Trainners Will Come And Meet Ther Doom

Scott Were Here

Rainner 1 Power Rangers we Took Care Of U Befo9r Back For 2nds

Scott No Were Back To Finsh U

Rainner 2 Ahh Ur Weak

Dillon Scott Level Mode

Scott Level Mode

Shiffter NOW

Killbotye Yes Sir Ahhb Yes


Killbotye What

Scott Awww Yea

Shiffter U Useless Fool

Rainner 2 We'll Crash U




Rainner 1 There Gone

Scott No Were Not Cannon


Scott Finaly

Trainner 2 Um Now Well Attack U




Dr K Ugh

Trainner 1 Ur Pathetic Dr K Even Ur Rangers r Weak

Scott Its 2 Quiet Huh The Trainners They Were

Flynn Traiters At Ice Nolo Nexus Eqat Read Sailing Of Corse

Trainner 2 Ur Weak

Dr K Uh Oh

Flynn Hey U Morons

Trainners 1 Look Its The Weak Blue Ranger

Scott And Me Level Mode Strike




Scott Awww Yea

Dr K Yes That Was A Close One

Venjix Shiffter And Killbotye Ur Punched

Shiffter Yes U Useless Fuck

The End

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Air date 28 March 2009
Written by User:Death88
Directed by User:Solo28


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