Plot Edit

Kim Is Captured By Vile He Drains Her Power While Aisha & Tommy Face The Maze Warrior

Transcript Edit

Vile Goldar The Next Plan Will Go Good

Goldar Master The New Warrior

Maze Warrior Yes The Rangers Are History

Goldar Destroy Them

Maze Warrior Yes

Vile U Will Go And HelpHim

Goldar Yes

Scorpina That Fool Vile He Is A Luntic Soon He Shall Feel My Wrath

Rito No Ur The One Who Will Pay

Scorpina Oh No My Friend Vile Is A Useless Warrior

Rito He Is Rioras Father

Scorpina IDC

Rito Fool

Tommy Shark Cannon


Goldar Maze Warrior This Is Taking Too Long

Maze Warrior Yes Im Sorry


Aisha Wherew Are We

Tommy Dont Know

Maze Warrior Ur In My Demtion And Theres No Escape

Goldar Master Theve Sucsedded Wth The Plan

Vile You Won Yes Destroy The Rangers

Goldar k

Rocky Hey Maze Warrior Ur GonnaDown

Goldar No His Not

Tommy Wait

adam Maze Warrior Ur Times Up

Goldar Fool

Adam Shark Cannon


Goldar I Protacked Him

MazeWarrior Goldar The Rangers Have Escaped

Goldar Wat U Fool

Maze Warrior Yes Im Sorry

Vile Goldars Plan Failed Fire The Vileater

Maze Warrior TIMES UP

Rocky Socket Megazord Saber Time

Maze Warrior That Saber Is Done For


Maze Warrior Told U To Ur Doom Goodbye Rangers


Vile I'l Join In The Battlefield

Rito Wheres The Master

Scorpina Fools He'll Get Destroyed

Vile This Is For The White Stranger Thing

Rocky Ugh We Nv Give Up

Vile Never HowAbut U Give- Ugh Up Forever My Powers Weaking Again (Leaves)

Maze Warrior So Dont Give Up

Rocky Yeah Huh

Zordon For YourCorrage U Get The Hydro Gun Use It Wiseley

Rocky Hydro Gun


Maze Warroor Im Sorry Vile-


Vile Goldar So Ur Plan Failed

Goldar No I Have Another One

Vile This One Better Syucseed

Goldar Yes It Will We'll Capture Ninja

Vile The Great Ninja

Goldar Yes His Done For

Vile Yes Of Corse He Is

The End

The Ranger Counts
Season 3, Episode 52
Air date 12 September 1995
Written by User:Rest 23 (As Rest)

User:Awsome Fun (As Fun) William Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
A White Stranger Part 3
Ambush For The Great Ninja

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