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Vrak Goes After The Ultra Force Sorwad He Tries To Tap Into It But Cant Cos Thers Only 1 Person That's Allowed To Who Is It Thought

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Troy Hey Gosei Why Did U Call Us Did U Shave Ur Balls

Gosei No Troy Don't be A dickhead Ive Called U Here Becos TheRed Ultra Force Mode Its Been Found Noahs Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Used It To Unleash Evil Yes He Was Evil

Noah How'dde He Die

Gosei He Died He Drowned Now Stop Going Off Topic

Noah So Why Do U Need Us

Gosei Becos Vrak The Little Prick He Might Get It

Tensou It will Be Bad If He Gets It

Gosei Yes Aggred Go Rangers

(They Pause Again)

Gosei Rangers Go

(There St5ill Paused)


Troy Fucking Gosei Hes A pig

Noah Aggred

Jake Maybe We Can Move On From That

Vrak Fools I Need More Power If My Dick Can Be Healed What (He hears the Rangers Tallking) Ugh fuckheads Il Have To Worry About My Penis Later Ive Got Rangers To Destroy Now What Are They Tallking About

Troy We Need The Ultra Force Mode

Vrak Yes Il Get Ther Befor They Do Laughs

Troy Were In The Woods

Doesor Laughs U Fools

Troy A Attack Lets Go

Noah What About The Fucking Ultra Mode

Troy fuck that The Citys In Danger

Jake Megaforce Power

NoaH & Troy Megaforce Power

Emma & Gia Megaforce Power

Jake There Rocket Megazord Lets Do This

Doesor Laughs I Wioll Crash These Rangers

Robo Knight No

Doesor Fool

Robo Knight Saber


Doesor Noi

Robo Knight Robo Milles




Doesor No-


Robo Knight He Was Weak

Troy Quick The Ultra Force Mode Lets Go

(They Race There And See Vrak)

Vrak Hello Fools I Have It (Trys To Get It But Cant) Ugh Fools Il Crash Ur World

Troy Wow So U Sent Doesor So U Could Get Here 1st U Bastard

Vrak Yes I Did Lets Battle


(The 5 Rangers Are Knocked)

Robo Knight U

Vrak Ahh The Schizerphernick Fool


(Robo Knight Falls)

Vrak Ugh I'm Going (Retreats)

Troy Yes The Mode Ya


Vrak Laughs Ive Got It (Gets The Mode Frist)

Troy Oh Shit U Bastard

Vrak (Retreats)

(Vrak Arrives At The Top Of A Bilding

Swemp Warrior Foolish Rangers Arent They Vrak

Vrak Yes Aggred Ultra Force Mode

Swemp Warrior U Look Sexy

Vrak Yes Aggred I Do

Troy Not Sexy Eongh

Vrak ugh Troy U Bastard Stop Following Me


Vrak U Fool

Robo Knight Ur Surrdined

Troy I'm Going For It Ha Ya


Troy Ugh I'm Touching His Sticky Dick

Vrak Get Off My Boner Troy Ya


Troy Ugh

Vrak Suck My Dick


Troy Ultra Force Mode Red

Vrak What I Havent Got The Ultra Force Mode Anymore Fucking Lossers Swemp Warrior Show Em No Mercey

Troy Guys Heres A Card Tap Into The Ultimate Power So U Can Become More Powerfuler

Vrak Oh No

Noah Ultra Tap

Noah Ultra Force Mode Blue

Jake My Turn Ultra Force Mode Black

Emma Ultra Force Mode Pink

Gia Ultra Force Mode Yellow

Vrak Fools

Jake Stfu U Retart

Troy Ultra Strike


Swemp Warrior I Saved U-


Vrak Ugh My Dick Is Hurting I Better Go (Retreats)

Troy Yeah U Run

(They Return Back To The Command Center)

Gosei Wtf Vraks Dick Was Hurting This Ep Really Was Dumb

Troy mmmm Yeah

Tensou But Now The 5 Have Ultra Modes

Troy Ultra Force Modes

Tensou Whatever

The End

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Air date 2 September 2013
Written by User:Energem

User:Letter guy User:PokeRob

Directed by User:Ernief0000
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Pollution Of Danger

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