Plot Edit

Rita Is Back Wth 2 Plans To Kiddnapp The 3 New Rangers And Use Them To Bild The Evil Mighty Morphin Megazord And To Strip The Other 3 Of Ther Powers While She Brings The Green Ranger Back To Fight Off The White Ranger Unmorphed While Lord Zedd Is Kiddnapped By Her

Transcript Edit

(in a Dumpster who Knows Witch Dumpster)

Unknown Voice thats Samlier To A Past Villian Laughs Im Back

LZ Fools Goldar Wtf

Goldar Im Sorry Ur Hingesness

Unknown Voice From Befor Zeddy

(it turns out to Be Rita)


Goldar Wat The Fuck

Rita Ahhh My Plans Falling Into Place I Hear That The Green Ranger Has Become A White Ranger And Theres 3 New Rangers Green Ranger Of Corse

Goldar Rita

Rita Fuck Off


Kim Soi Tommyu Watts Up

Scorpina Ha

Kim Scorpina

Tommy White Power


Scorpina Ive Gotta Retreat

Tommy Yeah And Dont Come Back

Rita Ahhh Zedds Finshed So Is Goldar I'l Strip The 3 Rangers And Kiddnapp The other 3 Rangers To Strip Them

Aisha Zedds Getting Boring

Piuttyy 1 HA


Rita 3 Down Now For The Other 3

Tommy Wtf Was hat Wth Scorpina

Kim Nothing

Rita Scugger Gegger Gess


Loki Ahhh Rita Im Back To Serve U

Rita Create Havoc In The City

Loki At Your Servers




Tommy Wats That Loki

Kim Not Him Again

Loki Im Back To Destroty The Power Rangers

Tommy Rocky Aisha & Adam Get Here

Roita No Ther Bizzy

Tommy Rita

Rita Yus White Ranger Loki Will Destroy Ur City Thanks For The 3 Newbies

Tommy Shes Captured The 3

Kim Gasp

Tommy White Tigerzord

Loki Ahhh The Tigerzord I'l Destroy It

Tommy White Blast

Loki Think Again


Loki Ahhh White Ranger Falling Down To Ur Fucking Doom

Tommy Ugh

Loki Yes Ugh All U Like

Tommy How Am I Suppses To Beat Him Like This Hes Stronger Than Ever

Billy Im Here Wheres The Spring Megazord

Kim The Other 3 Are Kiddnapped By Rita

Billy Rita Shes Returned

Tommy White Saber Say Good Bye Loki

Loki U Fool

Tommy Final Slash


Loki Rita Im Sorry-


Rita Lokis Such A Pathetic Warrior Now To Use My Newest Warrior

Spat Warrior Im Here Rita

Rita Destroy The 3 Rangers

Spat Warrior At Ur Serves

Tommy Well Lokis Done For

Spat Warrior But Im Not

Tommy U 2 Go Find The Others Ive Got This Warrior

Spat Warrior Ha


(Tommy Is Now Trapped In A Spiderweb)

Rita Yes My Plans

Kim Ur Plans Over

Rita Kim I Should Of Know


LZ Wat The Fuck U Idiot

Ritra Zeddy Its Um

LZ No Its Ur Fault


Rita Ugh

Tommy Rita

Rita Tommy

Spat Warrior Ur Highness

Aisha Ha

Adam Ya

Rocky Your Out

Rita Wat

Aisha Who Is She

Rita Ur Destroction

Tommy Use The Final Ultra Cannon To Shut Her Up

Rita Ha

Rocky Final Ultra Cannon


LZ Yes No More Rita

Goldar ugh Wat Happend

LZ U Fool

Goldar Why Me

Zordon no rita returned to get Revenge On The rangers But U Destroyed Her

Rocky Who Is Rita

Tommy She Was A Villian Befor Zedd

Zordon Yes Tommys Right

Tommy Were 6 Forever

The End

The Return Of Rita Replsa
Season 2, Episode 37
Air date 1 May 1995
Written by Shuki Levy &

Shell Danielson

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
The Big Z Attacks
Finster Comes Back

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