Plot Edit

Divatox Captures The Phantom Rangrs Ruby And Usesa Its Power On The New Evil Cannon Warrior Witch Defeats The Rangers Wth Eas TJ Has A Plan To Get The Ruby Bak At the End

Transcript Edit

Divatox Rygog This Is My New Warrior

Cannon Warrior Yeah The Power Rangers Are Doomed

Divatox Do Not Fail On Ur Mission

Cannon Warrior Yeah I Wont

PR These Rangers Are So Turtemen To Taking Earth

BS The Streets Are Cleared


Cannon Warrior Think Again Cop Man

TJ Were Here

PR Stay Bak

TJ Wat

(PR Fights The Warrior Divatox Appres And Captures PR)



Rygog So U Got Him

DivAtox Yes Now I'l Destroy Him

PR Why Divatox Impossable

Divatox Yes This Is The Fun Part

CW Yerah Divatox U Shall Be Invisable


CW Now Im Unable

Divatox Ahhh Phantom Is Now Powerlesstom

PR Dosent Make Anyt Sence

Divatoix IDC Cannon Warrior Destroy The Rangers

CW Yeah

TJ Ugh PR WASNT Workiung As A TeAM And Hes Captured

Cassie Well We Need To Rescue Him

Justin Um Guys

Divatox Hello Power Rangers Why Dont U Look At Ur City




Justin Turbo Up

TJ Carlos Cassie & Ash;ey Turbo Up

CW Yeah Fun Fun Fun Fun

TJ Hey U

CW Wat

TJ Cannon

CW I Got One Too


(The 5 Unmorph)

CW Powerless

(Bak At CC)

Dimatra No Rangers The Phantom Ruby Is In The Cannon Warrior

TJ Ive Got A Plan

Alpha 6 Wat Is It

To Be Contined....

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 30 May 1997
Written by User:Rest 23

Eugene Son

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Phantom Attack
Rubys Power

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