Plot Edit

Summer Starts To Suppcet A Villian In Corth City After4 They Are Attacked By One Of Venjixs Warriors While Shiffter Sends Lots Of Warriors At A Time Though His Script

Transcript Edit

Venjix Shiffter Ur Plan

Shiffter A Script

Venjiux Laughs Pathetic Scrips r Pathetic

Shiffter Yes But I Can Make Monsters At A Time Lots Of Monsters At A Time THEY WILL DESTROY THE RANGERS

Dr K Gem & Gemma Get Ur Dicks Outta There

Gem Mines A Boner

Gemma I Don't Have Fun


Scott That's Gay

Dr K U Wanna Go Me

Shiffter Killbotye Once This Plan Fails Its Time To See Ur True Master

Killbotye Yes

Shifft5er Scroller Destroy The Rangers

Scroller Yes

Killbotye So Whatts The Plan

Shiffter IK That Fool Will Fail And Venjiux Will Be Pissed Then We'll Go And Bring Restra Down To Earth

Killbotye Yes Master Shiffter

Scroller Rangers

Dr K Go

Scott Were Here

Scroller And This Is Ur Final Moments

Scott Sabe3r


Shiffter See I Told U Roomer Destation

Desation Yes

Shiffter Go

Killbotye These Warriors Just Get Destroyed Easley

Shiffter Yes IK

Venjix Shiffter This Plans Usweless

Shiffrter Yes Master But It Buys Time

Scott Sorwad Cannon

Gem Cycle



Tenya Face Me

Scott Tenya

Shiffter Oik For The Last Warrior Treamer

Treamer Yes

Shiffter Go

Treamer Rangers Il Blow U Up

Scott Sorwad Cannon

Gem Cycle


Treamer Ur Weak I Will Crash U


(The 7 Unmorph)

Scott Saber


Treamer I Am Invisable

Dr K Fuck That's It Guys I'm Traslateing A New Weapon The Savo Sorwad

Treamer Laughs

Scott Savo Sorwad

Treamer What


Venjix Big Form

Treamer This Is The Best Part

Scott Stroke Megazord

Ziggy Reak Megazord

Dr K Rangers Commbo The Megazords

Ziggy Reak Stroke Megazord Formation Strike


Treamer Impossible-


Shiffter Now Lets Return To Ur Master

(The 2 Leave)

Tenya Shiffter Was Useless As Always The Plan Was Pathetic

Venjix Get Him In Here

Tenya Yes

Dr K So I Figered It Out And Zig- ZIGGY

(Ziggy Is On Her Phone)

The End

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Air date 22 September 2009
Written by User:Death88
Directed by User:Stranger26/User:Ernief0000
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Resist Of Evil

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