Plot Edit

After Xandrend Injurs Lauren She Gives Up Being A Power Ranger Jayden Goes In With A Attack Plan To Save The World

Triva Edit

After Being Defeated Lauren Looks Like A Old Lady ThisWas AJon Cutzler Acdnet While The Rest Of The Co Were Out Having A Break Cutzler Made Lauren Look Like A Old Lady He Was Fired After Death Saw It

Transcript Edit

Xandrend Samurai Morons

Lauren Oh Shit Its Xandrend

Antino His Mine

Jayuden Antino Wait

(Xandrend Is Slashed By Antino)

Xandrend Ahhh The Gold Ranger Yes Destroction To The Samurai World


(Antino Falls)

Lauren Xandrend Shut Ur Piehole Its Time To Seal U

Xandrend Laughs Try Me

Lauren Your Asking For it

Xandrend Stupid Girl Ur Pathetic Pals Will Never Defeat Me

Lau7ren Arki Mode Arki Striike


Lauren Ugh

Xandrend Time To Go U Peace Of F***ing Crap

Lauren No


(Lauren Unmorphs)

Jayden FUCK U Bastard

Xandrend Ahhh The Real Red Ranger Ugh Fuck I'm Drying Out

Jayden Yeah U Better Run

Xandrend Oh You'lle Be The Ones Laughs (Retreats)

Jayden Ugh Shit

Ji Jayden Stop Being Immature Lauren Is Alright

Antino Weve Gotta Stop Xandrend

Ji Really Yes Aggred

Antino So Whatts The Plan

Jayden We All Go Arki Mode We'll Strike Him Down

Lauren And You'lle Need This (Shows Em The Soco Disc)

Xandrend Octoroo Get Evrey Mogger To Destroy This World The Rangers Wont Stand A Chance

Ji Go Rangers

Jayden Were Here

Xandrend Ahhh Yes (Sails His Ship Into The Human World) Fuckers I'm Here Reddy To Bal Down To My Sorwad

Jayden You'lle Bal Down To Ours Soco Disc Insert Arki Mode

Xandrend Arkis Weak


(Jayden Falls)

Xandrend U Think Ur Tough Ur Weak As Fuck

Jayden No




Jayden I'm Going To Finsh U Arki Super Duper Cannon


Xandrend Laughs So It Seems Ur Weak But This Is Just The Beginng Of The End Fire Sorwad


Antino Ugh

Jayden Ugh

Mike Ugh

Kevin Ugh

Mia Ugh

Emliy Ugh

Xandrend Laughs Now Wheres The Girl Red Ranger Time To Destroy Her

To Be Contined...

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Air date 9 November 2012
Written by User:Omyx


Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
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Evil Reburn
Death For A Battle

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