Sensai Treats Cam like a fool While The Thunder Rangers R TrappedBy Lothors Newest Warrior

Transcript Edit

Lothor These Rangers Keep Foiling My Plans

Shimzea Ive Got A Warrior He Can Trap Anyone

Solo Warrior I Am The Solo Warrior

Lothor Go And Trap The Thunders Dont Come Back Here Till Its Done

Hunter Again This Happens

Cam y

Blake Ugh Lothor Is Powerful

Shane Yea But Were Strong If We Stick Together

SW Rangers Come Out

Shane ugh Its foolish fool

SW Time To Die

Shane Never Striker


SW U Die


Shane Ugh

SW Ur all fools

Shane No Ur The fool Skully Mode

Blake Ok What

SW Ahhh Thunders


Blake Were Trapped

SW Yes U r U Shall Be Trapped Forever

Shane guys No

SW Hahaha Hey Lothor I Trapped Em

Lothor Now Destroy Em

SW Yes

Sensai Thunders were r They

Shane Trapped

Tori Bye That Warrior

Cam Guys Im Upgradeing The Striker

Shane Cool Yes The Striker Will Destroy That Warrior

Sensai Go

Blake Let Us Go U Skum

SW Never

Blake fork Off

SW Hahaha

Shane Gotya Nice Base

SW Thanksa And Suk On Fire


(Fires All Around)

Shane Ugh Upgrade Striker

SW Whqats That Peace Of Shit


Shane Irts Ur Doom Strike


Blake Ugh

Hunter Yea Ugh

Lothor No Fools

Zurgane Im Sorry

Chooboo Scrollen Power Desend

Lothor Dikhead Its Not That Niunja Power Unleashed


Blake Uh Oh His Big

SW Now For My Big Dick

Blake Roop Megazord

Shane Skim Megazord

SW Down


Shane Sabewr


Cam Guys Use The est Mode

Shane Vest Mode

Cam awww Yea


Shane Sympol Strike


SW No-


Shane Yes

Lothor No Another Fail Thats It

Vexacus (Spying On Lothor) My Plans Going Good Lothor Wont Know What Hit Him

The End

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Upgraded Cannon
Air date 15 September 2003
Written by User:Letter guy


Directed by User:The beem 2
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