Plot Edit

Cruger Tells the Cadets A Story Abut Broodwings & His Fight Broodwing Starts To Plot Aginst Grum At the End

Transcript Edit

Jack Come On The Whiggles r On TV

Crugger Rangers Broodwing His Ugh

Broodwing I Dont Think So Mentor

Mora Wtf r U Doing

Broodwing Um Nothing That Concers U

Mora kk

Broodwing Now To Get Bak To Work

Syd Come On

Crugger Guys There Was A Story

Syd What

(11 Yrs Ago)

Crugger Um Yea All All All All


Broodwing awww Yea Come On Fuckers

Crugger Huh

Broodwing Back Off

Crugger Never Ha


Broodwing Ugh Curses

Crugger Yea

(11 Yrs Later)

Crugger And That Was It

Broodwing I Will Destroy That Poxridden Fool Grum Soon Then He Will Suk My Dik

The End

Triva Edit

Grum Boom Kat & Piggy Dont Appre in this Ep

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 8 September 2005
Written by User:Death88
Directed by User:Ultra4000


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