Plot Edit

The Rangers Dont Know How To Use The Sorwad While Ransik Attacks The Rangers

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Frax At The X-Vault
Air date 20 March 2001
Written by User:Logged

User:Ultra3000 User:Echoson User:Letter guy

Directed by User:Sci100
Episode Guide
Sorwads Power
Colion Of A Colion


WesWhat The Fork Does Tis Do

Jen it opens up Shit

Wes Wat Shit

Jen Um Just Shit

Wes Rlly?

Katie And Wow

Trip Um Yea

Lucas What tis is the weapon that We Stole Off Ransik Ya Ya

Jen Rlly?

Ransik These Rangers r Being fools

Nadira Send A Warrior

Ransik Wat They Dont Know How to use the Weapon Cork Warrior Destroy them

CW Yes

Jen A Attack

Wes Huh Its Who The fuck r u

CW Ur Destroction


Wes Weapon Of Sparro

CW Wat


Wes Huh

CW Yes Of Corse U Dont Know How To Use Tis Shit

Wes Yes But Ur Going Down Commbind


CW Fool


(Wes Unmorphs)

CW Yesa

Ransik Goodjob Warrior Now We'll Finsh Em

Wes Uh Oh

Ransik Im Going To Crash u

Wes Commbind

RANSIK No Red Ranger U Alreddy Used That Pass Me The Sparro Sorwad

Wes Make Me


(Wes Falls To The Ground)

Ransik Yes Easy

Jen Wes u fool

Wes y

Ransik Ahhh Ur Girlfriend Has Come To Ur Rescue

Jwen Sorwad Of Sparro Destent

CW Ur Mine

Jen Fire


Ransik Fools (Leaves) Nadira GTF Off Ur Lazy ass

Nadira Fine

Ransik Flodge Power

Wes Shit His Growing Chrno Megazord Saber


CW Ugh

Wes Sorwsd Of Sparro Big Form

CW What

Wes Fire


Ransik That Warrior Was Weak Anyway

Wes Well That Was Fun

Jen Aggred

Trip Were Invisable

(Frax Arrives At The X-Vault)

Frax what A Moron Ransik Is

The End

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