Plot Edit

Zhane Explaies His Story To The Space Rangers Darkonda Is Destroyed Again By The Rangers When They Face Him And Astromeas Latest Warrior

Triva Edit

Darkonda Now Has 7 Lives

Transcript Edit

Astromea So The Rangers Are 6

Elicpter Yes IKR It Stinks

Astromea Someone Better Get Rid Of Them

Zhane No Rangers It Was The Silver Morpher That Was Located

(23 Days Ago)

Old Man Sunny Jim IK Yes u must help Me U Used To Be the Silver Ranger

Zhane yes But Im Not Anymore

Old Man Bullshiut M8 Go fork urself

Zhane Rlly Fine

(23 Days Later)

Zhane Yes Thats Whty I Came back

Darkonda Rangers Times Up

Andros Guys Its Darkonda

Darkonda Times Up

TJ Lets Go Show Him That Were 6 Working Together

Darkonda Wat Theres 6 Of U

Zhane Yeah Eongh To Bring U Down

Darkonda Fools You'lle Still Get Destroyed


Andros & Co (minnuns zhane) Space Time

Zhane Silver Power

Darkonda Lets Go

Zhane Silver Blaster Fuck Yea Ur Going Down

Darkonda Uh Oh

Andros Trydoi Cannon




Darkonda Ugh-



(The 6 Unmorph)

Zhane Ugh Hes More Powerful Than The Last Time

Andros Aggred IKR

Zhane Not Eongh To Keep Us Down

Darkonda Fools Dont Bother Getting Bak Up

Zhane Times Up Silver Strike




Darkonda (Goes Big) Fools


Andros Together

Darkonda U Foiols

Zhane Silver Megazord

Andros Centr Megazord Saer Strike


Darkonda Ur More Foolish Than I Thought

Andros Oh No

Zhane Silver Striker


Darkonda Silly Fools

Andros No Ur Going Down

Zhane We Need To Commbind The Megazords To Finsh This Punk

Andros Aggred

Zhane Cent Silver Megazord Puncher


Darkonda Why

Andros Bullzooka

Zhane Silver Cannon


Darkonda Im Being Blowned Away T9o Dust-


Zhane That Was Fun

Deca Rlly

Carlos Yes It Was Vagina

Deca Screw U Carlos

Astromea That Was His 8th Live Gone

Elicpter IK Hes Being Foolish

The End

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Air date 26 August 1998
Written by Len Wein
Directed by User:Westen Guy
Episode Guide
Way To Find The Morpher
Zhanes Entrance

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