Plot Edit

After Being Defeated By Leviras Warrior Casey Returns And Shows The 5 Rangers To Fight Like Jungle Masters So They Can Defeat The Warrior

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Air date 3 April 2014
Written by User:Letter guy
Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
Episode Guide
A Samurai Sorwad
A Silver Entrance Part 1


Casey ummmmmm ummmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Jake Hey Theres The Red Jungle Fury Ranger

Casey Stfu Im Mentating

Jake Do U Remember Us

Casey No

Jake Do You Remember Elton John

Casey No

Jake George Michael

Casey No

Jake Bonnie Tyler

Casey No

Emma No We Came To Yeah Just See ya

Casey Well fuck off You Alreddy Saw Me Just Go Kiss Someone Elses Ass

Emma Ugh Rude

Vekar Ugh Useless Armada

Yoyo Master Vekar Im Here

Vekar WhoAre U

Yoyo Master I Am The Yoyo Master No Master Can Defeat Me

Argus What About A Sorwad Master

(Argus Slashs Him But It Dosent Hurt And He Is Slashed Back)

Yoyo Master Laughs Weak Now To Defeat The Power Rangers

Jake Hey Gosei Casey Was A Rude Bastard

Gosei IDC Jake Just Go Play With A Condom Or Something

Emma You 2

Troy Hey Ernie Did U See My Fartjoke

Ernie No

Troy Well Screw U

Jake Giuys We Ran Into Casey He Was Being A

Gosei Guys A Attack

(The 5 Rush There)

Troy Who The fuck Are U

Yoyo Master The Yoyo Master Im Here To Destroy The Rangers

Troy Well Super Force Mode

Yoyo Master Laughs Strap

(The 5 Are Knocked)

Yoyo Master Now Il Demorph U

(He Strikes The 5 They Unmorph)

Yoyo Master Laughs Weaklings (Retreats)

Troy Oh Shiut

Jake IKR We Gotta Think Of A Plan

Troy I Got 1 We fart

Emma Casey

(The 5 Go To Casey)

Casey Wtf Do U Want

Troy Hey Poza Look At My Fart Joke

Casey I Sersley Dont Give A fuck About Your Pathetic Fart Joke Its A Damm Fail U Luntick

Troy Boo Boo


Troy Ugh Fuck Him Lets Just Do It Our Own Way

Yoyo Master Ugh Please Master Damaras I Have A Plan

Damaras No Vekar Wants U To Go Down And U Will

Yoyo Master Yes Sir

Troy Ok So We Can Do This On Our Own We Dont Need Caseys Help

(Troy Goes Back To Casey Crying)

Troy Please Casey Help

Casey No fuck off Cunt

Troy Fuck U Then

Casey Fine I Will Help U 5 Poffters

(Casey Trains Troy)

Troy Look At My Abbs

Casey I Dont Give A Shit About Your Abbs

Troy Fuck U

(Casey Trains Jake)

Jake Remember [Last Time You Did This]

Casey Do U Remember I Dont Care

Jake Ugh

(Casey Trains Noah)

Noah Hey Can U Make Me A Imagine Dragons Nerd

Casey No fuck u

(Casey Trains Emma)

Casey Your Weak

(Casey Trains Gia)

Casey Softie

(The 5 Are All Done)

Casey Are U Pricks Happy That I Trainned Your Ass Since [I Quit Being A Power Ranger After This Year]

Troy Yeah Were Happy

Tensou Go Rangers A Attack

(The 5 Rush There)

Yoyo Master Ahhh Yes The Rangers Fell Flat On The Ground

Troy Oh Yeah Were Jungle Masters Now

Yoyo Master More Like Jungle Fools Lets Fight

Troy Super Force Mode

Gia Super Force Mode

Noah Super Force Mode

Jake Super Force Mode

Emma Super Force Mode

Jake Super Saber

Yoyo Master U Alreddy Tryed That On Me U Losser


(Jake Falls)

Troy Ok Jungle Fury Red Ranger Striker


Yoyo Master Ugh Fuck U

Troy Axe Blast


Yoyo Master Ugh-


Troy Awww Yeah

Yoyo Master Im...Still Here

Troy Super Strike


Emma Strike


Noah Strike


Jake Striuke


Gia Strike


Yoyo Master No-


Vekar Damaras U Dick He Was Weak I Dint Want HimTo Go Down and U Sent Him Down

Damaras Of Corse Master

Vekar Saterlight Beem

Yoyo Master Ha

Troy Ok Lets Shut This Guy Up Super Megastrike Megazord Flex Arms



Yoyo Master Ugh No

Troy Lets Use The Jungle Fury Megazord Jungle Megazord Jungle Wips



Yoyo Master Fool I Am Invisable

Casey No Ur Not

(Hes On Top Of His Jungle Megazord)

Casey Sprirt Strike


Casey Rangers Use That

Troy Thanks Casey Old Lady Sprirt Strike


Yoyo Master No

Troy Jungle Cannon




Yoyo Master fuck U-


Vekar Ugh These Rangers Are Giving Me A Headacke

Damaras Me 2 Master Me 2

Casey Yes Rangers I Was Being A Selfish Prick But Now I Have Changed

Troy Cool Now Were Going To Go

Casey WHAT

Troy Yep

Casey Boo Boo Boo

The End

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