Plot Edit

The 5 Time Force Rangers (alex jen Katie Trip & Lucas) Are Going To Alexs Dads Funel When Ransik Attacks Them He ThenGets In The Pod And Goes To 2001

Transcript Edit

(the 5 Rangers r At Alexs Dads Funel)

Old man yes he wasa fool

Alex -____- Whatever He Was My Fucking Fatrher


Ransik Hello Rangers

Alex Shit Its Faggothead

Ransik Im Not Gay Ur Gayer Than Me

Alex Ok Reddy For Time Force

(Alex Fights Ransik Then Ransik Shoots Alex)

Alex Ugh

Ransik Yes Lossers From Time Force

Alewx Shit No Way Hozay

Ransik Yes I Belive Ur Foolish

Alex No Chrono Saber


Ransik Ha


Alex Ugh

Ransik Goodbye Common Nadira & Minuns We'll Destroy The Rangers Well WeWill Escape From These Rangers

To Be Contined...

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Air date 30 Jan 2001
Written by User:Letter guy
Directed by User:Ultra4000
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Final Allsault Part 2
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