Plot Edit

Madlock Steals The Bear Crystels Off The Rangers And Brings Bak The TF Rangers The TF Rangers Escape And They Go To The WF Rangers ase Where Shayla Welcomes them Wth her bullfuckingShit Madlock Then Still Has Some Power Off The Bear Crystel Left And He Plans To Use It On Something bad

Transcript Edit

Shayla welcome rangers

Cole Rlly?

Shayla Poou rangers

Cole ugh

Madlock I Need A Plan

Toxica We Have The Perfect Plan To Destroy The RangersMAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

Wes hey Jenifer wheres alex

Jen I broke up wth him when I came to 2001 Last Yr

Wes 1: 2001 was last yr 2: kk

Wes Whatever



Jen Oh Shit

Madlock U work for me or u suk on my dik

Jen U Pig

Madlock Ahhh Thats Not The WayTo Speak To Ur Enmey Like That


Jen ugh....

Wes Cant Morph

(The 2 Telport)

Eric Hey Wheres wesley

Mr Colion oh long story he died and i spet on his grave in 1994 When My Diksack Called up for duty

Eric U Bitch WHERE IS HE

Mr Colion IDK


Alex yea Jenifer is so Sexy Il Lick Her Boobs

Trip U r A Sik Puppy


Lucas Yea The Oringol Red Ranger Is Being A Sik Shit Ya Ya

Katie Um Lets Go



Alex Finaly Some Peace Time

eric Ugh Going Now



Mr Colion Boo U left :( Me Lonley

Jen Yes Theve Arrioved

Katie Where r We Niggas

Cole ur in ur boobs

(Katie Kicks Cole in the face)

Madlock Ur Plan Failed Its Lucky I Have Another Plan Its Time

(A Verche Is Heard)


Madlock The rangers r Doomed

The End

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Air date 16 Oct 2002
Written by User:Logged
Directed by User:Logged
Episode Guide
Zen-Aku Returns
The Time Force Rangers Return Pt 2

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