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Troy Is Sucked Into A Auti Demtion That Dose Not Like Halloween He BeesA Fool And Tries To Get Them To Like Hollween But Fails He Is Captured By The Rexsa Warrior And They Will Destroy Him If He Dose Not Give Em A Good Answer To Why They Should Like Halloween

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Troy Hey Ernie Got Some Books


Troy Boo Boo Boo

Ernie kkk

Rexsa Warrior Them Fools Will Pay I Will Destroy The Red Ranger Yes Il Capture Him And Zap Him Into A Demtion Laughs

Troy Ok Out For A Smoke (He Goews Out For A Smoke Lol)

Troy (Smokes) (Sees Someone) Hey Why Don't U Pick Ur Ass Up And fucking Do As Ur Told I Mean Go And Cry To Ur Grandma At Home

(Troy Comes Back In)

Troy Hey Fuckers Wacha Doing

Ernie Shutup

Jake Lets Tallk About Times

Noah No Lets Tallk About Balls

Jake No We'll Tallk About Times Balls Are Yuck

Noah fuck u Jake U Fucking Cockhead

Jake (Acts Like A Cockhead) OOhh So Scared Got A Head As Big AsA Cock OOhh Someones Gonna Get Me

Troy Lol I'm Going Out For Another Smoke

Jake WTF U Smoke

Troy Yeah Now Leave Me Alone AHHH

(Nexsa Warrior Captures Troy)

Troy Ugh

NW This Will Make Short Work Of U Red Ranger

Troy Ugh Fuck How Did U Know I Was The Red Ranger Oh Wait Yeah Ur The Monster And I'm The Ranger

NW Correct Idiot Now Il Zap U


(Troy Ends Up In A Fucked Up Land)

Troy Where The Fuck Am I

Trash Warrior U r In The No Halloween Zone

Troy Wtf Is That Place

TW Here Fool

West Cake Warrior Yes Where We Will Take Ur Flesh

TW Now Lets Contine

Troy No Lets Like Hollaween


NW Yes (Grabs Troy)

Troy Aww Fuck

(They Hang Him Near The Fire Like That Roasted Chiken U See In The Fire)

Troy This Is BS Its Fucking Hollween Now Fucking Cunts

NW Were Going To Show Some Past Clips Look

(They Go Back To Ep 1)

Troy Wtf

emma Boggies

Troy U Mean Loggies

Emma Whatever

Troy Lets Take Em Red Force Power Saber



Trpoy Yeah I Was Only Telling Emma Ther Loggies Not Boggers

NW Slliance Another Clip

(Back At Ernies Maccas)

Emma Wheres Trouy


Emma Ugh fuck off

Gia Maybe Hes In Trouble

(They Go To CC)

Emma Hey Gosei What Happened To Troy

Gosei His Dick Was Choped Off By A Faggot Thwen Troy Came Into The Pub And Sexed The Poles And Was A Fucking Noob (Contines)

Emma So Goseis Being A Fucking Tool We'll Contact Robo Knight

Jake Aggred

(Back At The Stupid Place They Show Ep 6)

(Jake Is Looking Up Porn While Noah Comes In)

Noah Heuy Jake Oh Fuc No

Mr Burley What Oh Shit 5 Years Of Detion

Jake :P

Troy Wtf Happend

Noah Jake Looked Up Porn

Troy Are U Kidding Me

Noah No I'm Not


Troy Yeah IKR That Time Was The Dumbest And This Was When Creepcox Was Attacking The City

NW Goodidea We'll See His Destroction

(They Go Ep 7)

A Nigga Wallks In)

Nigga Hey What Are U Looking At Fuckstick

Little Boy Nothing Wawawa

Mr Burley Excusses Me Nigga Stop Teasing This Boy

Nigga Fuck Off Old Man

Mr Burley Old Man Detion

(His In Detion)

Nigga Ur All Fat Kids Here Wheres A Fucking Bus

Troy Hey M8

Nigga Oh Isnt It The Dickhead That Pushed Me 5 Years Ago

Troy Wtf Who The Fuck r U

Nigga A Nigga

Troy Ugh

Troy Ugh Fuck That Nigga

Nigga Idiot Im Here

Troy Dont U fucking ever call me A Idiot

Nigga Il Dp Ahhhhh


Troy He Was A Punk And Creepox Scared Him Off

NW Now The Duel That U And Him Ennocered

(Ep 7 Still)

Creepox Il Kill U

Troy No Saber


Creepox Fuq MeDead-



Troy Um Really?

Emma I Can Smell Something

(Jake Shits In A Hole) Jake I Bet Its My Shit

Emma Your Not Funny

Robo Knight Jake Eongh Of Your Childish Behaver Its Got To Stop

Jake But Robo Knight I'm Having Fun

Robo Knight Wait Someones Coming

Samp Warrior IK Ur Hiding I Can Smell The Black Rangers Shit Now Come Out Or (Shoots The Trees) Il Destroy U

Troy Ok Got Anything Else

NW Yes

Rolla Warrior Master Ive Got Some Reports 5 Fools Have Entered Our Froset

Nexus Warrior Finsh Em

Troy I Bet Its My Friends

NW Yes And They Wont Get To U

SW U Fools Will Die

emma Nah Fuck Off We Got Better Things To Do Like Rescue Troy

SW Well Ur Going To Be Destroyed

Emma No Pink Megaforce Mode

Noah Blue Megaforce Mode

Jake Ugh Gotta Pull Another One (Shits) Black Megaforce Mode

Gia Yellow Megaforce Mode

SW U Morons

Gia Ultra MegaMode

Emma Were Here For Troy

SW U'lle Never Get To Him

Emma Well Fuck U Then

(Emma Shoots SW He Is Destroyed)

Robo Knight Lets Go

(They Find A Grave)

Jake This Better Be It (Opens It And Shits He Falls In)

Robo Knight He Got What Was Coming To Him

(The 5 Go In)

(They Enter The Porn Room)

Nah Nope Were Not Going In Here

Jake Awww Yeah

(Noah Pulls Jakes Ear)

(They Wallk And See A Fire Room)

Robo Knight Troy Must Be In There

(Robo Knight Shoots It And Its Someone Naked)

Naked Guy Fucking Idiot

Robo Knight Awww He Hurt My Feelings

(They Wallk In A Bon Jovi Room)

Bon Jovi Hey Fuckers Wattz Up

Robo Knight Nothing U Old Man Wait Give Me A House Is Not For Sale Albin

Bon Jovi There ya Go

(Robo Knight Takes It They Enter A 5SOS Room)

Robo Knight Fuck Off Cunts Were Going After Troy So We Can Rescue Him

5SOS No We Wont Allow U

(Robo Knight Shoots Em Finaly They Enter A Key Room)

NW Hello Fools I Jiust Put These Keys Up

Troy Hey Fuckers

Robo Knight Troy Weve Come To Rescue U

Troy NaH Fuck That We Were Telling Stories

Emma Lets Go

NW No Fool (Shoots Emma Into A TNT Room)


Jake Aww Fuck

Robo Knight Robo Cannon


NW Fuck-


NW Reflection Beem

Robo Knight Oh No

(Jake Sets Troy Free)

Troy Ultra Megazord Ok Lets Finsh This

NW Yes Lets


Troy Ugh

Robo Knight Robo Megazord Robo Milles




NW Ugh U Fool Refeltion Beem Fair Is Fair Fuckers

Robo Knight Oh Man Robo Strike


NW Huh No

Troy Ur Turn

Robo Knight Robo Strike


Troy Ultra Milles




NW No-


(Back At Ernies Maccas)

Ernie So Where The F**K Were U 5 Fuckers

Troy (Has A Johnny Cash Face Mask On) Hi Fuckers Its Me


Troy Nah (Takes Johhny Cashs Face Mask Off) That Was For Not Giving A Shit Earler About My Book

Ernie Ugh Fuck U

The End

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Air date 24 November 2013
Written by User:Swap29


Directed by User:Western Guy
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The Robot Invasion
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