Plot Edit

Scott & Flynn Chase Dillon Out Of Corath City While Gewm & Gemma r Stripped Out Of Ther Powers Venjix Also Sends The Viros Warrior Who Gives Ziggy & Summer A Viros While Dr K Makes A Viros Sorwad

Transcript Edit

Crunch These Should Be More Powerfuler Than The Weak Grinders

Grinder 2 What Is Ur Command Master

Venjix Destroy The Rangers

Grinder 2 Yes

Venjix Viros Warrior Ur The Only Guy I Have So Give Evreyone A Viros And Then Il Destroy Them

Viros Warrior Yes Master

Scott Ok U 2 Need Some Rest

Dr K This Is Really Bad

Ziggy Wtf Is Happing Frist Venjix Is All Powerfiull

Dr K Yes Hes Upgraded Himself

Ziggy k.............

Dr K We Need To Destroy Venjix Befotr He Destroys Us

Viros Warrior Laughs Times Up

Ziggy Lets Gpo Wtf Do U Want

Viros Warrior Laughs Nothing Much Justr This


Ziggy Ugh........Must Destroy Rangers

Scott Ziggys Being Contraled Legendary Cannon


Ziggy Pathetic

Dr K Guys Use The A Annotyte

Ziggy A Is My Middle Name

Scott A Annotte


Ziggy Wtrf

Viros Warrior The Green Rangers Been Affocted

Venjix No Hius Not His Cured Useless Warrior Wanna Readeem Urself Then Put A Viros Into That Idiots Computer Then Well See Whos King

Viros Warrior Yes Master (Takes The Viros)

Dr K So Now Ur All Fixed

Ziggy Yep




Grinder 4 Theres The Hideout

Crunch Ahhh Yes Times Up

Ziggy Green Power Level Mode

Crunch Fools

Ziggy Ha




Ziggy Phew Phew Phew


Grinder 4 Weak

Scott Lregendary Cannon





(The Base Is All Destroyed)

Scott Yes Power Rangers Rule

Grinder 4 No They Dont

Scott Saber


Grinder 4 Uve AlreddyTryed That On Me Fool

Dr K (Cough Cough) Ranger Red UsweThe W4 Sorwad

Scott Isnt That Meant For Gem & Gemma

Dr K Just F**King Use It

Sciott W4 Sorwsad


Grinder 4 Impossible-


Scott Ahhhh

(Scott Lies Down)

Crunch Master The Grinder Failed But The Base Is Destroyed Now We'll Despose Of That F**King Cunt Dr K

Venjix Yes Crunch I Will Not U (Destroys Criunch And Absorbs Him) Now I'm Reborn

Scott Ok So Now The Base Is Gone

Dr K Becos Of U

Scott -_______- I Fucking Don't Really Care

Dr K Yea Whateves

Scott I Did It 2 Destroy That Grinder

Dr K Well It Dint

Scott Sersley Whatever

Venjix Rangers Ive Got More Grinders For U

Scott Ur Going Doiwn

Venjix Laughs I'm Going To Destroy Ur Presshes Stupid Mentor Then I'm Going To Rule Corath City And U Will Become My Minuns

Scott No W5 Sorwad


Gem Scott Use The Streak Sorwad Cannon

Venjix U Fools Again

Scott Streak Sorwad Cannon


Gem His Gone I Knew It Would Work

Scott y

Gem Becos The Streak Is Off Some Other Power Rangers Team So-

Venjix It Din't Work U Fools Laughs

Scott What

Venjix Ive Surrived Wrose Than That Fool




(Scott & Gem & Gewmma Unmorph)

Venjix Yes Now I'm Back At My Base Huh

Ziggy Weve Found Ur Base Idiot

Venjix What Impossable

Ziggy Gem & Gemma Found It

Venjix U r Useless

Ziggy Sorwad Cannon






Ziggy Yes His Base Is History So Is He

Venjix No I'm Not

To Be Contined....

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Air date 9 December 2009
Written by User:Death88

User:Swap29 User:Logged

Directed by User:Stranger26
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Venjix Attacks
The Ultimate Viros Part 1

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