Jellica Sends The Fresh Overlord Out He Steals All The Water And The Rangers Just Might Go Dry

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Grizzaka Jellica These Shadow Gards r Useless

Jellica Yes They Were Weak

Grizzaka U r A Failer

Cairnsaw What The Power Rangers Made Jellioca Piunched They Will Pay

Casey Clyce Finsh strike


Casey Wtf

RJ No Thats Not How

Finn Casey Use The Sperirt of the Shark

RJ Dad Shutiup

Jellica Fresh Overlord IK I Can Count on U ur Not Useless As That Impuel Fool Grizzaka

FOVL Yes Aggred

RJ Dommnick Weve Gotta Track Down The Stress Sorwad

Dommnick Whatts That

RJ A Weapon That Can Seel Dai Shi Away For Good




Jarrad/Dai Shi Fools That Idiotr Overlord Grizzaka I Need Revenge

Camlie Yes Sir

Jarrad/Dai Shi Once Grizzakas Dealt Wth Il Deal Wth The Rangers

RJ A Attack

Fresh Overlord The Rangers Will Pay

Casey Were Here

Fresh Overlord Laughs Only 3 Of U

Theo 3 Is Eongh Cannon


(The 3 Unmorph)

Fresh Overlord It Is Not Eongh U Rangers r Weak We Will Meet Again Later

Jarrad/Dai Shi The Fresh Overlord That Murder He Killed My Brother When I Was 8

FOVL Fools Il Show U Whos Boss


(Smokes Around Casey Is Down 2)

FOVL Il Be Back Soon Laughs

RJ What Happend

Casey We Were Down

RJ Ok Dommnick The 3 Sprirts Will Help U Defeat The Warrior

Casey Were r U Going

RJ After The Soirwad

Casey Were Back

FOVL Finaly Now Prepper For Ur Doom

Casey Whatever m8

FOVL Not Whatever TYake This


FOVL Bye Bye U Pests What No

Casey Cannon




Grizzaka U r All faiolers Big Form


RJ Were Nearlty There There

Dommnick Now Whatt

FOVL Take This


Casey Jungle Megazord

FOVL Jungle Fools


(The megazord Falls)

RJ Scugger Gegger Gwess Ya


FOVL Whatts this The End Of The Rangers Yes Let Me Be A Part Of That

RJ Think Again Unite Megazord Stress Saber

FOVL What Uh Oh

Grizzaka Impossable How Did U Get The Stress Saber Fool

RJ Strike




Grizzaka Jellica Cairnsaw Its Time (Pulls Panits Down) Suk It

Cairnsaw Yes sir

Casey Wow The Stress sorwad Is Awesome

RJ Yes But Theres More Than That Weapon

Caswey What Do U Mean

RJ There Is 3 More Parts It Can Form A Big Ultra Cannon We Must Find Em Befor The Overlords Do

The End

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Air date 13 November 2008
Written by User:Sammyistheawesomest
Directed by User:Stranger26

User:ZeVikingSif User:Migster7

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