Plot Edit

Shalya Bringa bak The 5 Wild Force Rangers To Fight The Evil Toxica & Jindrax

Transcript Edit

(a Assuion man is Sayiong Shit And Stuff Yea)

Assuion man cole no u r raciet y r u so Foolish

Cole I Must find my Partents

Assuion Man No go

(Cole Gets The Fuck Outta Here)

Toxica U Power Rangers r Weak

Allsaya Yea Saber


Taylor Lets Commbind Our Heads Wild Cannon


Jinrax Another....Day fool

Cole y The Fuck I Have To Sail Here

Shayla Wild Force Rangers Come

Max Wtf Do U Want

Shayla U must get Cole Hes balls r Coming

Jindrax The boss he'll be Herte Soon

Toxica Hes Foolish

Jindrax aiey y

Toxica No Hes my boss fool

Cole Yo Nigga Im Here

Shayla Um Cole Yes

Cole Shayla y

Shayla Help The rangers

Cole Do Me Get Candy

Shayla No

Cole Fuck u

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 11 Feb 2002
Written by User:Letter guy

User:Returned 16

Directed by User:Ford 54
Episode Guide
The End Of The Time Force Rangers Part 2
Coles Mistory

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