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Air date 23 December 2008
Written by User:Lightattack


Directed by User:Stranger26
Episode Guide
The Phantom Ambush
The Wolf Returns Part 2
RJ Turns into The Wolf Again And StealsDomnicks Morphing Power Dai Shi Goes To Fight The Rangers Also

Transcript Edit

Scorch Them Rangers r Cunts I Will Destroy Them Snapper Get Me Dymair

Dymair Yes Mother Fucker Im Here

Scorch Respect Ur King Now Go And Destroy The Rangers

Dymair Yes

RJ Would Someone Stop Turing On The Tap

Casey Um Thats Me

Theo Ugh

Dymair Laughs Foolish Humans

Casey Ha Were Here

Dymair What Fools U r U Shall Be Destroyed Prepper To Meat Ur Fate

RJ Yes Im Here

Dommnick Lets Shut Him Up

Dymair Fools


(The 5 Unmorph)

Scorch Sgugger Gegger Gess Ya


RJ Ugh I Am The Wolf

RJ/Wolf F U

Casey Ok Weve Got 2 Dommnick Take Wolf Man Weve Got This Phantom

Dommnick Yes RJ IK Ur In There Just Let Us Trust U

RJ/Wolf Never


(Dommnick Falls)

RJ/Wolf Now Il Do The Honnors

Dommnick Thats It Ur Going down

rJ/Wolf No

Dommnick cannon


(RJ Escapes)

Scorch That Idiot Dymair Ugh Snapper Go And destroy The Red Ranger For Me

Snapper But sir

Scorch GO

Snapper Yes As U Wish

Dymair Now Il Make U Pay

Theo Shut Ur Dickhole Blaster


Casey Saber


Snapper Yes So Ur Handling Dymair And Winnginng DIE


Dommnick Fuck Ugh Guys He Was Strong

Snapper Yes And So Am I


Dommnick Ok Lets Finsh U Snapper

Snapper Try Me

Dommnick Saber

Snapper Fish Attack


(fires All Around & The 5 Unmorph)

Snapper I Got Seafood In My Dick Witch U Will Bal Down To Me

Dommnick No U Will Fall Cannon


Dymair Impossable-


Snapper Useless Fool We Will Meet Another Day (Retreats)

Scorch Goodjob Wolf But drain The White Rangers Energey Then It Will Be 3 Rangers To Despose Of Laughs

RJ/Wolf Yes Sir

Dommnick So RJs Gone

Casey Yea He Went As A Wolf

Dommnick His Sprirt Is A Wolf- Ugh Ugh No (Falls)

Casey Dommnick No

To Be Contined....

Triva Edit

The Sprirt Rangers Dont Appre In This Ep For No Reason

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