Plot Edit

Dai Shi Steals The 5 Rangers Animal Sprirts And Brings Back A Sprirt That was Destroyed 40 Yrs Ago He Defeats The Rangers And Then Goes To Peace The Final Plan Of The Destroction While Dai Shi Is Destroyed By Jarrad

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Air date 23 December 2008
Written by User:Lightattack/User:Retro IIII (Retro Strikes Back)
Directed by User:Stranger26
Episode Guide
The Wolf Returns Part 1
The Sprirt Invasion Part 1


Casey Shit No

Jarrad/Dai Shi Yes Im Back

Casey Fuck Not This Shithead Agaiun

Jarrad/Dai Shi I Was Kiocked Out Camlie Come

Camlie It Will Be A Pluser To Destroy U Laughs

Casey Thats It Jungle Power Jungle Sorwad


Jarrad/dai Shi Ur Weapon Is Weak




casey Ugh 

Camlie Il Stomp On Him Hes Nothing Commpeared To Me

Casey Ha Cannon All 5 Commbo


camlie Lets Go Daui Shi

Jarrad/Daiu Shi Yes After I Do This The Sprirts Yes Goodbye Rangers (Retreats Wth Camlie)

Casey Wtf Was That

Jarrad/Dai Shi That Moron Scorch Will Be Scared Of This Warrior Scugger Gegger Gess Ya


Sprirt Warrior Yes Im Reddy

Scorch So U Returned Snapper That Dai Shi Is A Idiot Dymair Is Gone I Only Got How Many Phantoms

Snapper 2 Sir

Scorch That Fool Dai Shi Better Be Aware Of This Descotion Grinder Lepus Go

Grinder Yes

Snapper What Abut Me

Scorch Stay Here

Casey So Weve Destroyed 6 Theres I Mean 7 And Theres 4 Left

Theo Yes And All Our....sprirts r Goiung

Sprirt Warrior Its Time For Destroction

Casey Ugh Huh A Attack....

Dommnick Im Here

Sprirt Warrior White Ranger

RJ/Wolf Lets Destroy Him

Dommnick Think Again Im Going To Save U RJ No Matter What It takes White Jungle Power Ya Saber


RJ Ugh

Sprirt WarriorWhat U Fool (Retreats)

Dommnoick That Pediles Gone

RJ Yes He Is

dommnick So...Is That All

RJ Yes

Casey Were Back

Jarrad/Dai Shi Worthless Fool U Were Suppses To Destroy Them

Sprirt Warrior Yes I Shall Go Again

Jarrad/Dai Shi Yes 

(SW Goes)

Jarrad/Dai Shi Now To...Ugh No Its Ha (Gets dai Shi Outta His Body And Destroys Him)

Jarrad Shit What Have I Done

To Be Contined...

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