Plot Edit

The Silver Ranger Goes To Free A Old Staue That Might Bre The Key To The Silver Zord Jayden Then Heads Off To Free The Silver Ranger From Master Xandrend's Darkness

Transcript Edit

Deker Ugh A 8th Ranger

Laur4en guys Xandrend Has Created 8th Ranger Useing Darkness

Jayden but isnt it the 7th

Lauren No It Isnt

Antino That Silver Ranger Must Die

Ji Shutup Golden ranger GO HUMP YES

Lauren He Has A Fucking Promblen

Silver Ranger Im Nearly there

Codys Father No Its

Antino Yes

Codys Father what Are U Doing Here

Silver Ranger This Laughs


Silver Ranger Its Mine

Jayden Lets Go

Serrator Hi Rangers Time Toi Face My Wrath


Jayden I'll Go After The Silver Ranger

Xandrend Octoroo Get Me A Warrior

Octoroo Not Now No

Xandrend ur more pathetic Than I Foughty

Octoroo Please

Silver Ranger Yes Its Myt Zord

Jayden No Loxy Megazord

Silver Ranger That Is A Weak Megazored




Xandrend Destroy The Red Ranger

Jayden No

Xandrend Yes

Silver ranger No Actley I Gotta Rest This Zord

Jayden No

Serrator I Gotta Go

Kevin o man

The End (or To Be Contined)

The Zord Lies Behond Power
Season 1, Episode 12
Freeing Old man
Air date 11 December 2016
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Peter Salmon
Episode Guide
Looking For A Silver Ranger
Master Vs Red Ranger

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