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Zurg Goes To The Start Of Time To Erase History While Pardox Gets Ben & Ben 1000 To Stop Him

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Ben 1000

Rook (Cameo)

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Prevley On Ben 10 Morons

Zurg Dont Worry Tennyson (Unlocks The Time Hole) Once Im Trow With Time You Will Be Exticint

Ben What You Cold Fucker

Zurg Laughs (Goes In The Time Hole)

Ben Oh No

And Now

Ben Common Rook Lets go

(Pardox Appres)

Pardox No Only 1 Goes Ben You Must Stop This Yourself

Ben Why

Pardox I Promise There Will Be Help (Leaves)

Ben Its Closeing (Jumps In The Time Hole) There he Is Its Hero Time (Tries To Go Hero But It Dosent Work)

Zurg Fools What Tipacle Foolish Humans There Are

Ben Zurg This Is Eongh

Zurg Ugh You Follwered Me

Ben Yeah Lets Dance The Omnitrix Is Still Down

Zurg Yes That Means I Can Destroy You

Ben Oh No

Zurg Ugh Im Runninng Out Of Time The Great One Wont Be Happy (Leaves)

Ben Get Back Here

Man Ben

(Ben 1000 Comes Out Of A Portol)

Ben You Again I See You Changed Your Looks You Dont Look Like A Fucking Fucking Retart

Ben 1000 No We Got No Time For Foolishness Weve Got To Stop Zurg At All Cost

Ben Why

Ben 1000 Because His Plainng To Take Dagons Power

Ben Gasp

Ben 1000 Where Did Zurg Go

Ben That Way

Ben 1000 In The Time Wrap Lets Go

(Ben & Ben 1000 Go Trow The Time Wrap)

Ben Wow What Is This Place

Ben 1000 Its The Time Of Destroction Thats Why Weve Gotta Choose The Right One Other Wise We'll Be Destroyed

Ben Wait I Have A Plan (Ben Goes Clockwork)

(Clockwork Sees Trow Zurgs Way)

Clockwork That Way

Ben 1000 Lets Be Preppered

(They Open The Door And See Zurg And Dagon)

Zurg Hello Dagon Tennysons After Me We Shall Work As A Team

Dagon Yes Aggred

Ben Dagon You Again

Ben 1000 I Though You Changed Your Looks Dagon

Dagon Morons Its Time To Feel My Wrath

Ben Better Go Cannbolt

(Ben Turns Into Cannbolt)

Cannbolt Rolling & Polling





Cannbolt Ha


Ben Ugh

Dagon What A Predictable Weakling

Ben Ok You Wanna

Ben 1000 No Ben Your Weak Let The Master Go To Work

(He Turns Inro Clockgrade)

Clockgrade Ha Yes (Shoots Dagon But Dagon Blasts Clockgrade Clockgrade Becomes Swampthrick And Blasts Seeds Out Of Evreywhere But Dagon Shoots Swampthrick He Turns Into Xlr8 And Spins Circles Around Dagon But Dagon Wacks Xlr8 Into Ben)

Ben Time For My Clockgrade Battle

(He Turns Into Clockgrade And Blasts Dagon Dagon Shoots Clockgrade And He Falls Into Ben 1000)

Ben This Is Dumb

Ben 1000 Aggred

Zurg Stop This Foolishness Otherwise Il Dispose Of Your TimeWallker Friend (Pulls Out Pardox

To Be Contined....

The Zurg War Part 1
Season 1, Episode 9
The Zurg War Pt 1
Air date 26 August 2017
Written by User:Swap29
Directed by User:Ernief0000
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