Plot Edit

As Pardox Is Shot By Zurg He Starts To Age Into Dust Ben & Ben 1000 Must Think Of A Plan To Stop Zurg Befor Pardox Dies

Charcters Edit



Ben 1000

Rook (Cameo)

Villians Edit



Aliens Used By Ben Edit



Ball Weevil

Aliens Used By Ben 1000 Edit



Atomic X

Triva Edit

Final Apprence Of Zurg As He Turns Into Dust

Tanscipt Edit

Peley On Ben 10 Moons

Zurg Stop This Foolishness Otherwise Il Dispose Of Your TimeWallker Friend (Pulls Out Pardox

And Now

Ben Let Our friend o You Fool

Zur O No I Dont Think So Ben Daon The Ulta Mode Please

Ben Wat Are You Doin

Daon Yes At Once (ies Him The Ultra Mode Zur Shoots Daon) Tennyson face Me

Ben Ok Lets et A Bit Of Waybi (He Turns Into Clockwok) Clockwok uckin Stupid Tin

Zurg (Trows Pardox Into Ben 1000) Il uck You

(Clockwork Shoots Zur Biut zur Moves And Wacks Clockwork Clockwork Turns Back)

Ben Uh Were oin To Have To Tink Of Anoter Way To Defeat Zur

Zur U Cant Defeat Te Bi Z But I Can Destroy You

Ben 1000 Lets o Clockrade

(He Turns Into Clockrade)

Clockrade Yes (Wacks Zur But Zur Shoots Him)

Zur Patetic

Ben 1000 This Is No Use

Ben Ard

Zur Lets Play A Little Maze ame If You Find Me In This Maze You Will Be Freed Outta Tis Demtion But If You Dont Pardox Dies

Ben Yes Ared

Zur Dont Worry Tennysons This ame Will Shock Your Minds

Ben (Both Bens Run Into Maze)

Ben 1000 Lets Splid Up

Ben Ared

(They splid Up)

Ben 1000 (Ends Up At A Strip Club 50 Cent Is There) 50 Cent Im Your Biest Fannon

50 Cent et The Fuck Out Nia Or Il Soot You

Ben 1000 What Kind Of Universe Is Tis

(Ben Wallks Down A Ile And He Realses His In Coles)

Ben Uh It Had To Be A Supermarket

(Ben 1000 Leaves The Strip Club And oes Into A farm With Alex The Lion & Sherk Wit Po And All Te Dreamworks Dickhead)

Ben 1000 Uh I Hate Dreamworks

(Ben Is Runninn And Ends Up Runnin Into Ben)

Ben Uh Are You A Idiot

Ben 1000 No Ben Were Nearly Teres Zurg

(The 2 Run And Catch Zurg)

Ben Give Up Zurg

Zurg Oh No I Tricked You You see I Dont Play Fair Now You Will Suck My Balls Tennysons

Ben 1000 You Traitor Shockattack

(He Goes Shockattack But Zurg Clones Himself And They All Shoot Shockattack Ben Goes Buzzshock But Zurg Trows Buzzshock Into A TrashBin)

Ben Ugh Ben 1000 His Too Powerful

Zurg Listen To Your Friend Ben 0000

Ben Zurg Your A Traitor Gasp His Got Pardox

Zurg Yes I Have (absorbs Pardox) Now Il Live Forever Now To Destroy Yous

Ben Ugh The Omnitrix Is Down

Ben 1000 My 2

Ben Lets Go

(They Run Past The Maze)

Ben 1000 Now Mys Reddy

(He Turns Into Atomic X He Blasts Zurg Zurg Then Shoots Him But Atomic X Grabs Him And Trows Him In The Sky Where He Turns Into Dust

Atomic X How About That Zurgy

Pardox Goodjob My Idiotoc Friends

Ben But How Do We Get Outta Here

Pardox You Must Go Ball Weevil

Ben kkk (Turns Into Ball Weevil)

Ball Weevil Yes (They Telport)

(They Are Telported Back To Bellwood)

Rook Ben

Ben (Kicks Him) Oh Shit Im Sorry Rook About That

The End

The Zurg War Part 2
Season 1, Episode 10
The zurg War Pt 2
Air date 2 September 2017
Written by User:Swap29/User:Jawsattack 34
Directed by User:Stranger26
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