Plot Edit

After Lord Zedd Arrives Tommy Is Kiddnapped By Goldar Who Gets A Warrior To Help Him Out Tommy Finds Out Zedds AfterA Crystel That Will Power Up Serptera (like rita did wth her zord)

Transcript Edit

LZ So Rangers Are Still Here I Have A Plan I'l Go After Serpentra

Goldar Yes And We'll Destroy The Rangers Wth It

LZ No U Fool Its On The Other Side Of The Galaxy

Goldar Oh Yeah I Forgot

LZ Send A Monster

Goldar Yes We'll Kiddnapp Tommy

LZ Its Time Sepenatera For Me To Go After U

Tommy Ya Ya Ya

Ernie Wtf

Tommy Yes IK

Jason Um Tommy We Defeated Evreyone But 3 Villians

Tommy ik

Goldar Yes Tommy

Tommy Uh Oh


(tommy wakes up)

Tommy Wtf Was That

Jason So What Are We Doing Now

Zordon No Rangers Its Time

Jason What For

Zordon Ur Cycles They Will Help U Destroy Lord Zedd

Jason kk


Goldar Ahhh The City

Jip Warrior Time To Destroy This World

LZ Ive Arrived


LZ Serpenatera Ahhh Yes Ur Mine

Jason Were Here Wth Our Cycles

Goldar Wow Nice Bikes But


Tommy Saber Strike


Goldar Pathetic

Jip Warrior Ur Mine Green Ranger

Tommy Ok

(tommy fights jip Buit Hes Too Powerful And Shooys Him)

Jip My Plan Is Going Good

Goldar Shutup Its My Plan

Tommy Guys The Final Cannon

Zordon No U Will Get Commbind Ur Sabers For A Final Strike Do It

Tommy Guuys Do It

All 5 expect tommy Final Saber Strike


Goldar Ugh

LZ Rangers

Tommy Its Lord Zedd Wth SerpenaTera

LZ Yes Meat Ur Doom



Tommy Let Me Dragon Zord

Jason Spring Zord

LZ 2 Zords Pathetic


LZ No.....U Fool

Jason Spring Ticket This Is For The Ea-


Jip Warrior Yes No More Rangers

Zordon Tommy UseConfeshen Mode To Destroy Serpenatera

LZ Wat Zordon IU Fool

Tommy Confeshen Mode Final Strike


LZ U Fool-


Tommy Yes

LZ Goldar That Warrior

Tommy Confeshen Mode Bye Bye Zip Warrior

Zip Watrrior Ur Pathetic


LZ Weaklings Ur Lucky I Have Plans In The Future

The End

The attack Of The Mighty Z
Season 2, Episode 21
Lord Zedd Attacks
Air date 13 August 1994
Written by Judd Nelson

Judd Lynn Seth Walther Will Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Lord Zedd Arrives
A Rangers Duty

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