Plot Edit

After Trapping The 6 Rangers Lord Zedd Storms Into CC And Destroys It Tommy Mangers To Get Free And He Races To Stop Lord Zedd But Is He Too Late?

Transcript Edit

Rocky Face Me

LZ Yes

(Rocky Morphsa and Fights LZ LZ Slashs Him)

LZ Ur A Fool

Tommy Ha



Rocky Final Cannon This Is For The Earth

LZ Impossable

Rocky Ha Ur Done For

LZ Not Yet I Am Up I Go

Rocky We Have No Megazord They Were Trashed

Zordon Yes The Ultra One

Rocky Ultra Megazord

LZ Uh Oh

Rocky Ultra Slash


LZ No-


Rocky Victory

The End

The Death Of Lord Zedd
Season 2, Episode 44
Air date 6 July 1995
Written by User:Pillowcokie (As Pillow)

User:Rest 23 (as Rest) User:Trackman 23 (as Track)

Directed by Peter Salmon
Episode Guide
Lord Zedd Strikes
Tommys Dream

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