Plot Edit

Wth Her MegAzord Powerd Up She Challags The Rangers To a Megazord Fight Tommy Also Gets The Dragon Zord And They Defeat Rita Wth The DragonMighty Morphin Commbind Megazord

Triva Edit

It Is Unknown Why Tommy Dint Get The Dragon Zord In A New Ranger

Transcript Edit

Prevley On MMPR ernief

Loki Hahaha Pathetic Rangers Ur All Mine

Jason Master Mode Lets Hope This Works

Loki Fool It Wont

Jason Lets See Final Strike


Loki Ugh No Impossable U Fucking Dick Rita Pl-


Rita Yes Rangers Im Here

And Now

Rita I'l Destroy The Megazords

Tommy Oh No Were Doomed

Rita Hahaha

Jason Ugh Where Are We

Goldar Red Ranger Ur Mine

Jason No (fights Goldar)

Goldar I'l Shut U Up

Jason Saber Strike


Goldar No Fool

Jason Final Cannon Unleash The Power


Goldar Fool-


Jason Now Lets Head After Them

Zordon Tommy I Present To You The Dragon Zord

Tommy Yes Now Look Out Rita Ur Going Down

Rita Hahaha-


Tommy No Dont Laugh

Jason Tommy The Dragon Zord Lol Cool

Rita Dragon Bagon Zord IL CRASH U TILL U DIE

Tommy No

Rita Spira Attack




Tommy No Ugh

Zordon U Must Commbind All Ur Zords

Tommy DragonMighty Morphin Megazord

Rita hats This

Tommy Its The End Of Ur Line

Jason Warrior Mode

Rita Huh No Please

Jason Final Strike


Rita Hear Me Rangers U Have Defeated The Mighty Rita Replsa And My Megazord But U Wont Defeat My Others-


Goldar Yes Ritas Gone I Rule The Funshack Now

Tommy We Count Have Done It Wthout U Zordon

Zordon No Rangers Ity Was Ur Teamwork That Smashed Ritas Megazord But Goldar Is In Charge Now U Must Defeat Him

Jason Yes We Will

The End

The Death Of Rita
Season 1, Episode 14
Jason Gets Angry At Goldar When He Stops Him From Reaching Rita On Her Final Allsault On Earth
Air date 1 June 1994
Written by Judd Lynn

Ernief William Fouracres Seth Walther

Directed by Charlie Haskell
Episode Guide
Ritas Wrath
Where Goldar Plans.......

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