Princeable Randalls Speech Edit

He Came With Some KFC And The Students All Ran To The KFC And They Ate It All Randall Got mad And He Called The Kids Greedy Cunts

Where Tommy Eats Edit

He Kept Eating Junk Food And The Others Got Really Worried About Him Alpha 5 Took The Mcdonalds Off Him And Zordon Called Him A Nutcase Witch Tommy Replyed To Case And That Led Them Both To Judge Judys And Tommy Asked Her If She Liked ACDC Mettillca & Bon Jovi Witch She Got Angry And Told Him To Be Quiet He Said No And That Lead Him Going To Jail He Then Said Least He Has His Wallet

Triva Edit

Acording To Swap He Will Appre In The Future Eps

Tommy (Zeo)
Tommy (Dino Thunder)

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