Plot Edit

Tommy Has A Dream That Comes True In The Wrostest Way Ever

Transcript Edit

Finster Wth Zedd Gone I'l Make Tommy Dream Bad Dreams That Fool Thinks He Can Stop Me Hes Wrong

Dreameater Im Here Master Finster

Finster Destrooy The White Ranger

Tommy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(Tommy Is In Jeap World)

Tom Im Tom

Tommy Hey M8

Tom No Theres No M8s

Tommy White Power

Tom Green Power

Tommy Ahhh Its U

Tom I Am Ur Wrost Knightmare

Tommy Think Again

Tom No U Do That

Dreameater Ahhh 6th Ranger I'l Eonoy Destroying U

Tommy White Saber Slash


Zordon Tommy Its Time For The Cycle Cortwheel

Tommy ?

Zordon Do It

Tommy Cycle Cortwheel Now Lets Finsh Em

Dreameater Yes U Fools


Tom Wat No

Tommy Yeah IKR

Alpha Tommy U Should Be Able To Press Ur Button n Ur Morpher

Tommy 6 39

Tommy Wow Cool Lol

Finster No Ugh I Need A Plan

Goldar I Have 1 GET OUT

Finster No

The End

Tommys Dream
Season 2, Episode 45
Air date 14 July 1995
Written by User:Ernief0000 Returns (As Ernief Returns)

User:Path66 (As Path)

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
The death Of Lord Zedd
Fortress Of The Master

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