Plot Edit

The Gold Ranger Relives To Be The Trey Of Triveler And He Is Ambushed By Mondos Latest Warrior The Falcon Warrior

Transcript Edit

Zordon Rangers Its Time

Tommy Wat For

Zordon Your Next Huh Its A Attack

Cogs2 Ha Ha Ha Stupid Humansa

Gold Ranger U Want More

Falcon Warrior Master Mondo I Promses I Can Destroy The Rangers

Mondo It Is King And If U Fail U Meat My Sorwad

Tommy Um Guys Now Wat Do We Do

Rockty Dont We Have To Destroy ondo And See Who The Gold Ranger Is

Zordon Aggred

Alpha 5 Use The Cost Gun

Gold Ranger Ugh No I Must

Falcon Warrior GOLD RANGER

Gold Ranger Uh Oh

Falcon Warrior Ur Mask Is Mine

Trey Huh No Give It

Tommy Wow His the-

Zordon I Should Have Know He Is The Trey Of Trifalla

Trey Ur Going Down Lighting Saber



Mondo U Failed U Shall Meat My Sorwad

Falcon Warrior No The Gold Ranger Is Trey Of Triffalla

Mondo WAT

FW Its True I Unmasked Him In The Battle

Mondo U Get 1 More Chance Off Me To Destroy The Power Rangers

FW Yes Thank U Good Sir

Mondo Fail Me And Ur Historuy

Tommy The Gold Ranger Shit Hes

Billy Wat

Tommy Trey Of Triffla

Billy kk Dont Care

Tommy Like I Give A Shit

Trey My Mask Yes Ya

Zordon Rangers They Can Pass The Gold Powers To Any Human

Tommy kk A Attack

Falcon Warrior Come Out Gold Ranger

Tommy His Not Coming Out But We Are

FW Rangers I hould Of Know


Tommy Ha Ur Going Down

FW Thonk Again Ranger

Tommy No U Think Again


FW Ugh

Tanya Cannon


FW Up We Go


(The 5 Unmorph)

FW Fools I Havent Got Time For Tis Bullshit

(He Leaves)

Mondo U Failer But U Did Knock Out The Rangers Do NOT Fail

FW Yes Master I'l Catch The Gold Ranger Next

Tommy Zordon NowWatts The Plan

Zordon We Find The Gold Ranger And Get Him Befor The empire Dose

Tommy Yes

To Be Contined/The End

Trey Ambush
Season 4, Episode 86
Air date 2 September 1996
Written by Len Wein
Directed by User:Ultra4000
Episode Guide
The Gold Zeo Crystel (Episode)
Rockys Allust

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