Plot Edit

Tommy & Rocky Have A Rival And The Rangers Face Lord ZeddsWarrior

Transcript Edit

LZ Um So Finster & Goldar Failed Wth Scorpina I Need A Warrior

Somple I'l Destroy The Rangers

LZ Go And If U Fail Ur History

Goldar Ugh That Fool Zedd Even Rita Was Better Than That Dickhead He'll Pay

Tommy Oh So Is That It

Zordon Yes The Battleizer Was Jutst For The Red Ranger U Need Armmorr Mode

Tommy Yes Zordon

Somplre Hello World Times Up

Rocky Your Times Up

Tommy Aggred

Rockty Battleizer

Somp[le Fools


Rocky Ugh

Somple Soon I'l Rule Earth

Tommy Armmor Mode


Somple I Wont Let U Win


Somple Master Please I I

LZ One More Chance

Somple Yes As You Say Fool

Rocky Ugh Somple Was Just Too Tough

Tommy Hes Back

Somple Yes Now To-


Adam Armmor On


Somple Zedd I Failed

Zedd Fool Make Him Grow

Rocy Spring Megazord Spring Ticket


Somple No-


LZ Fiools Ugh The Rangers Will Soon Pay

The end

Two For One
Season 2, Episode 40
Air date 31May 1995
Written by Judd Lynn &

Jackie Marchand With Will Fouracres

Directed by Dan Riba
Episode Guide
A Retro Staff
Floor For The Four

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