Plot Edit

Tyler Has A Dream Of Porn And Bees A Idiot Fury Sends A Crystel Magnet Warrior Who Defeats The Rangers Kendall Uploads A Weapon That Could Help The Rangers Defeat The Warrior

Transcript Edit

Sledge Fury Where Is That Remote

Fury I Havent Got It

Sledge Fool (Destroys His Bells)

Fury No Not My Bells

Sledge Roxxa Warrior

Roxxa Warrior Yes Sir I'm Here

Sledge Go To Earth And Get Me The Energems....And The Remote

RW Yes Sir

(Meanwhile In The Base The Rangers Are Watching Two And A Half Men)

Shelby This Is BS

Keeper Shelby Its Bedtime For You

(Tyler Is In The Toliet Being Gay)

Tyler Lets Look Up Some Porn

Kendall Um Anyone In There

Tyler Yes Theres A Dickhead In The Loo And Hes Touching My Dick

Kendall Fuqing Stop Mucking Around Tyler

Tyler I'm Not

(Tyler Acts Like D**Khead)

Tyler (As Dickhead) Ello I'm A Dickhead

Kendall Ugh (Wallks In Sees Him Having Sex With Girls) Oh Shit (Vomits)

(In The Dino Café Where It Smells Like Poo)

A Drunk Guy Hey I Want Milkshakes From This Dumb Cafe

(A Guy Who Smokes Wallks In)

Guy Stfu This Café Is Shit Look At This Poor Exscusses For A Café

Drunk Guy IKR And This Stupidness Of Kendall Shes A Hudge Fail

(Judd Lynn Gives The 2 Guys Wedgies And Wallks Into The Café)

Judd Lynn Ello Fuckers Watzup

(No Ones There)

Judd Lynn Ugh Fuck This

(Judd Lynn Leaves)

(In A Cave)

Roxxa Warrior Fury Allow Me To Finsh The Rangers Off

Fury No

Roxxa Warrior Why

Fury Because I Wanna Tastle Of Them

(Tyler Goes To A N-Zed Boy Concet)

Tyler I Hate These Pussys They Sing Like U2 And B52 In One


B52 Fuck Off U2 I'm Singinng This Song

U2 (Bono) Kiss My Ass

(Tyler Wallks Away)

(In The Dino Café Ernief Is Waiting For His Order)


Koda Be Right There

(Ernief Makes Koda Deliver 100 Things At Once Koda Falls And Dies)

Ernief He Was A Dick Anyways

Kendall Rangers Get Here Fast

(The 5 Arrive)

Tyler I Was Kicking The N-Zed Boys Butts

Kendall Yeah They Sound Like

Tyler & Kendall B52 Forged With U2

Kendall Really?

Keeper Roxxa Warrior Has Returned Hes With Vivix You've Gotta Stop Him

(The 5 Arrive To The Battle)

Tyler Its Gay Time

(They Just Morph Cos Ther Gayer Than Fuck)

Tyler Lets Get Out Our Weapons

(Tyler Gets Out Dino Saber And Shoots Roxxa Warrior)

RW You Cant Beat Me Your Weak

Tyler Dino Flex Strike

(Tyler Strikes Roxxa Warrior He Falls And Is Destroyed)

Tyler Mayhem Hes Gone

(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge Fury You Failed

Fury Yes Aggred

Sledge Dark Specter Sucked Cocks In The 1940s

Fury No Please

Sledge Do Not Fail Me Again

(Fury Goes To His Room In The Ship)

Fury That Moron Sledge Always Punching Me For That Pussy Poisandras Deeds Idiot

Crystel Magmet Warrior Yes Maybe You Need My Help

Fury Yes I Do Go And Destroy The Power Punks

CMW Yes Sir

Tyler That Was Fun I Destroyed The Warrior

Keeper Yes But Sledge Has About Lots Of Em So Don't Be Cocky

Kendall Um Don't You Mean Cock

Keeper STFU KENDALL Now Meanwhile Kendall Make More Dino9 Charges For The Rangers To Use

Kendall Yes

(The Magmet Warrior Attacks The City)

Kendall Weve Gotta Attack

Keeper Go Rangers Take The Route 69 Bus To Get To The Battle

(The 5 Rangers Wait For The Bus To Come Suddley A Taxi Comes)

Taxi Driver Were Going To Go Fast

Tyler Fuck Off

(The 5 Get In And ZOOM)

(The Taxi Driver Drops Em At The Pub)

Tyler Awww Yeah

Chase Wait Tyler We Should Be Going Out To Battle

Tyler Fuck Battle Battle Can Kiss My Autistic Ass

Chase Really

(Chase Pulls Tyler Bye The Ear And They Arrive At The Battle

CMW Idiots I'm Your Biggest Knightmare

Tyler Well Its Good That I Got News For You

CMW And Whatts That

Tyler Dino Charger 1

(He Morphs)

Shelby Dino Charger 2

(She Morphs)

Chase Dino Charger 3

(He Morphs)

Riley Dino Charger 4

(He Morphs)

Koda Dino Charger 5

(He Morphs)

(The Rangers Get Ther Weapons Out Tyler Summons Dino Charger 7)

Tyler The Rose Axe

(He Slashs Some Vivix And Has A Shot At The Warrior Tyler Uses Jet Mode And Strikes CMW)

Tyler This Mode Is Awesome

Kendall Judd Lynn Hasn't Gave Me A Script To The Megazord Yet

Caption Jack Sparro Ello Its Me

Kendall Fuck Off Johnny Depp

(Tyler Then Goes Strymp Mode And Slashs The Warrior)

Crystel Magnet Warrior U Faggots

Chase Summon Dino Charger 8 Cox Cannon

Tyler Awww Yeah Lets Shut This Fucker Up

Chase Fire


(He Falls)


Sledge No No No No Fuck This Porn Shit

Fury (Cries) Sledge Was So Mean To Me He Was A Cock Munching Dick

(Sledge Hears Him And Gets Mad At Him)

Sledge So You Called Me That Did Ya

Fury No

(Fury Runs And John Cena Is After Him)


Kendall The Creaters And Writters Need To Get On With The Work With The Megazords

Keeper IKR

Kendall But That Was A Good Win For Us

Tyler Bin?

(Tyler Chucks Kendall In The Bin)

The End

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Air date 28 Feb 2015
Written by User:Zonator
Directed by User:Zonator
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Dino Might Returns
As Riley Takes The Bus

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