Plot Edit

Tyler Gets A New Dog And Bees A Idiot While Fury Goes After The Map Of Pteras So He Can Find The Ptera Zord Also Sledge Sends A Combat Warrior To Shut The Rangers Up

Transcript Edit

Sledge Fools Keeper Is A Blowjob I Will Destroy Him

Fury Yes Aggred

Sledge Combat Warrior

CW Yes Sir

Sledge Destroy The Rangers Fury Go After The Ptera Zord So You Can Destroy The Rangers With It

Fury Yes (Sharpes His Sorwad) Il Shut Each Of Them Rangers Up

Keeper Ahh Much Better (Farts)

Tyler You Wanna Go For A Wallk (Comes In With A Dog)

Keeper Tyler Do Not Let That Dog Shit I This Base

Riley Ok You Wanna Fart Race (Farts Louder)

Keeper Yes (Farts The Loudest)

(CW Attacks The City)

Fury Ahh Yes Watch This (Goes To The Ship) Poisandra Your Mum Got Cancer She Needs You

Poisandra Oh Shit For Rwal

Fury Yes

(Poisandra Goes)

Fury Laughs Sucker

Curio Your A Pussy

Fury Bullalola

Curio Ugh

(Poisandra Arrives The 5 Rangers Arrive)

Poisandra Oh Fuck It Was A Trap

Tyler Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 5

(They Morph)

Keeper Rangers Use The Strap Saber

Tyler Dino Charger 10 Strap Saber

(He Gets It And CW Shoots Him Tyler Goes Dino Max Mode On His Saber And Slashs Him)

CW Ugh...

Poisandra You Rangers Are So Weak


(The 4 Fall)

Koda Dino Charger 2 Blow strike

(Koda Strikes Poisandra She Falls)

Poisandra Ugh (Retreats)

Tyler Your Going Down Dino Charger 1 Dino Cannon


CW Ugh....Il Be Back For Revenge (Retreats)

Poisandra Master Sledge The Rangers Were Too Strong

Fury No Your To Weak

Sledge Yes Aggred Pussy

Fury Lol

Poisandra Ugh

(In The Dino Café Tyler Bumps His Head On A Cupborad)

Tyler Who Ever Put That There Is A Idiot

Kendall Guys We Need You At The Base

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Sledge Knows I'm After The Gold Energem

Tyler So

(Keeper Farts The Loudest)

Kendall Eongh With The Farting

Keeper Fuq You Your My Bitch

Kendall Ugh

Tyler So (Farts The Loudest) Do We Have To Be Caufel

Keeper Yes

(Keeper Farts)

Riley (Riley Farts) Um Tyler Wheres Your Dog

Tyler Oh Took Him Home Il Go Get Him

Keeper NO

Tyler Ugh

(Fury Spyes On The Rangers Leaving The Dino Base/Café Musiem)

Fury Fools

Tyler Um So We Have To Be Caufel Hey Guys Look I Found A Map

Fury Its Mine (Wacks Him The Map Flies Into His Hand) Yes Its Mine Ahhh Yes Finaly Now Il Locate The Ptera Zord (Retreats)

Tyler The Ptera What

Riley It Must Be A New Zord

Keeper Its The Gold Rangers Zord

Tyler Gold

(Imagine Dragons Come And Play Gold)

Dan Reynolds When Evreything You Touch Turns To Gold old old

Tyler Really?

Dan Yes

(Imagine Dragons Leave)

CW Hello Rangers Its Time

Tyler Dino Charger 1

Shelby Dino Charger 2

Chase Dino Charger 3

Riley Dino Charger 4

Koda Dino Charger 5

(They Morph)

Koda Dino Charger 5 Dino Master Saber Awww Yeah

(Koda Strikes The Warrior With It Vivix Come He Uses The Dino Cross Strymp Gun And Blasts The Vivix Out Of Hell They Fall)

Koda Now Your Going Down

Combat Warrior Idiots

Koda Dino Charger 12 Dino Switch Banger Strike

(Koda Strikes The CW He Falls)

Poisandra Ugh That Flog Fury

Fury Ahhh Yes Sledge I Got The Ptera Map

Sledge No One Cares Enerlarge My Warrior

(CW Grows)

Tyler Dino Max Zord

Shelby Dino Tung Zord

Chase Dino Lamp Zord

Riley Dino Taffie Zord

Koda Dino Master Zord

Tyler Dino Tung Lamp Taffie Master Max Megazord Dino Tung Slap (The Tung Slaps CW)

CW Ugh...I'm Not Down Yet

Tyler You Will Be Ironstine Dino Cycle Master Tung Taffie Lamp Megazord

CW You Fool

Tyler Dino Cycle Strike


(Tyler Runs Over CW)

CW Din't.......Work Cunt

Tyler We Need A New Mode

Koda Ive Got One Dino Flex Tung Lamp Max Taffie Megazord Dino Flex Blast

(The Megazord Blasts The Warrior It Falls)


Fury Ahhh Yes Finaly Il Prove My Worth To Sledge And Get Rid Of That Bitch Poisandra

Poisandra HowDare You Trick Me

Fury Oh Yes It Was A Destraction To Get This Peace Of The Puzzle Soon Il Contral The Ptera Zord (Leaves)

Poisandra Not On My Watch You Wont

(In The Dino Base)

Tyler We Lost The Ptera Map Keeper

Keeper (Prentents Hes Got A Gun And Shoots His Head FAkeley Of Corse) Idiot You Should Of Went After Him

Tyler Yes We Know

Keeper So That's Our Main Pieoretey Get The Ptera Map

Tyler Yes Keeper

(Tyler Farts A Loud One)

The End

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Air date 19 March 2015
Written by User:OmniDragon10
Directed by User:Stranger26
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