Plot Edit

The Warrior Relives Hi True Identy Toi The rangers Hes Name Is Tyzonn And He Was Trasported Bak To A Warrior He Was Once A Human 2

Transcript Edit

Mack That Warrior Has A Heart In Him

Andrew BS

Mack Um? Do U Know Who Im Tallkiung Abut

Andrew BS



Moltor Useless U r

Tyzonn MF Please Let Me Destroy A Ranger

Moltor Oh (Pulls Sorwad Torwads Tyzonn) Fine Do Not Fail

Mack Um A Attack

Rose Its Chillers

Mack Overdrive Power Ya Take This Chillers

Rose Ha


Dax Ha Up Here

Norg Laughs Eongh


(The 5 Go Down)

Tyzonn MF Yes Look At Em All

Norg Rangers Fight Me To The Death

Mack Oh Big Fatty Ur Easy

Norg Fat Belly Fat Belly

Mack Cannon


(The 5 Unmorph)

Mack Ugh

Tyzonn MF Goodjob Norg And Now Il Be The Pluser To Finsh Them Off

Mack U Again But U Were Good

Tyzoon MF Sorry But U Got Someone Else

Mack Fuck No I Havent Extra Mode


Tyzonn MF Ha


Mack Overdrive Power Ya


Tyzonn MF U Foiol


Mack Saber


Tyzonn (Falls Out Of MF) Ugh No

Mack Gasp I Knew It

Tyzonn Yes Its Me

Mack Wtf y

Tyzonn Oh Nothing

Andrew Tyzoon (Telports Him) Its Time

Tyzonn Yes The Morpher

Andrew Here (Gives The Morpher To Him)

Tyzonn Finaly


Andrew Theres A Attack Go

Moltor My Blade Will Destroy U

Dax No

Tyzonn Hey U

Moltor Mwercey Ranger y Arint I Supprised

Tyzonn ecos This Overdrive Power


Moltor U Moron


mOltor My Blade U Will Pay For That

Tyzoon Slash


Moltor Ugh Uh Oh (Retreats) No Way 6 Rangers

Flurios Ha Brother U Only Make Things Wrose Fool

Andrew Yes Now theres 6

Tyzoon Yes Ther Is

The End/To Be Contined

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Air date 29 April 2007
Written by User:Death88/User:Ben10fan3/User:Ultra3000
Directed by User:Brianultimatedragon
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The Heart Of The Warrior
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