Plot Edit

Vrak Captures Yellzor And Uses Mavro To Take Over The Armada Orion Goes Abord And Tricks Vrak Crashing The Armada Down To Earth

Triva Edit

The Final Apprence Of Vrak And The Ship

Transcript Edit

Prevley On PRSME

(Its Night Time And The Wreckige Of Argus Body Parts Are Seen Evreywhere Vrak Picks Up Argus'es Sholder)

Vrak That Moron Vekar And His Fucking Stupid Minuns Were Weak Its Glad That My Fat Asshole father Has Tooken Over

Vrak Hello Fuckers

Vrak Super Force Mode Vrak aka The new Prince Soon Il Become The Emperor Laughs

Vrak Oh No Rangers I Have That Schizerphernick Asshole Here

Troy Robo Knight Fuck

Vrak Yes Robo Fool (He Retreats)

(Vrak Has Robo Knight Chained Like VIBP1 And Robo Knights Energey Is Being Drained Like That Episode)

Vrak So Your Schizerphernick Powers Are Fateing Away

Robo Knight F**K U

(The Kingsmen Enter The Room)

Kingsmen 2 Weve Come From The Armada You Are Not Taking Over The Throne Over The Emperors Ass You Are

Vrak Shutup I Will Take It Whever You Like It Or Not You Cunt

Kingsmen 2 Fool U Will Pay

(Vrak Destroys The Kingsmen)

Vrak Dickheads Now Over To You Robo Asshole Give Me Your Powers Ahhh Yes That's Eongh Powers For Me Your Ranger Friends Are Doomed

(The Rangers Are Wallking In The Froset They Stop Vrak)

Vrak Fools Ive Returned

Troy & The Other 5 Ultimate Super Force Mode

Vrak Ha Pathetic

(Troy & The Others Run Up To Attack Vrak But He Shoots Em And Trows Em)

(Suddley The Sky Goes Dark And Lighting Comes)

Mavro Hello Vrak Rangers

Vrak Father You Fool

Mavro So Vrak You Got A Girlfriend

Vrak No I Don't So Stfu

Mavro You Peace Of Camel Shit I Will Destroy You U Got 2 Choises Leave Or Il Destroy U

Vrak Fuck Off I Got Plans In High Places

Mavro Ahhh Yes But I Can Destroy Your Pathetic Plans

Vrak No You Cant

(Mavro Orders The Fire Guns From His Ship To Fire At Vrak They Do)

Mavro So Now What Will It Be

Vrak Fine (Retreats)

Mavro Rangers Suck These Kingsmen (He Retreats)

(Kingsmen Appre)

And Now

Orion Wtf Is This

Kingsmen 2 Your Destroction

Orion Oh Yeah

(Orion Runs Up And Slashs The Kingsmen But They Slash Him Back And He Is Wacked By The Other Kingsmen They Use The Rage Blast And The 6 Unmorph)

Troy Ugh

Kingsmen 2 Lets Go

(In The Armada)

(Mavro And The Others Are Having A Party)

Mavro That Fool Vrak Hes Weak And Useless This Earth Belongs To me

Vrak Ugh Idiot Mavro Ahh Yes Il Captuer 1 Of His Generals Look Out U Pussy

Orion So Whatts The Plan

Gosei Orion Take That Shit Ship U Arrived On This Planet And Crush The Armada

Orion Ok That Sounds Like A Very Good Plan Indeed

Gosei The Rest Of Yous Get Vrak Here

Troy To The Base?

Gosei No

Troy Then Where To

Gosei Mcdonalds Where Do U Think The Earth

(Orion Flies Off With The Ship)

(Vrak Appres On The Armada And Sees Yellzor)

Vrak Il Get Him

Yellzor Yeah Vrak Was Weak

(Vrak Grabs Yellzor)

(Yellzor Wakes Up And Ther In The Underwater Base)

Vrak Yes My Plan Is Going Good That Luntick Mavro Din't See That Plan Coming

Yellzor So Why Did You Captuer Me

Vrak Cos Your The Bait The Rangers Are The Hook

Troy Yeah Then Come Fishing

Vrak Morons (Trows Yellzor And Goes Down To Earth) You Have Defeated Creepox The Toxic Beasts Mallkor Metal Alice The Messenger Vekar Argus

Troy We Don't Destroy Vekar Mavro Destroyed Him

Vrak Whatever

(Troy And The 4 Go LFM)

(Meanwhile In Orions Ship)

Orion Ahh f**k I'm Growing A beard


Mavro Wtf Was That Common You Spatics Get Out There

Orion Now To Destroy This Ship

(Vrak Shoots Troy He Falls He Uses The Rage Blast The 5 Unmorph)

Orion Ahhh Yes Il Explore The Ship Il Touch This Button (Prees The Airlock Button)

Redker A Fool Is On The Ship

Mavro Find That Fool And Destroy Him

Redker Yes Master

(Orion Goes In The Porn Room And Sees Mavro With His Wife)

Redker Hey That's Mavros Shit And Its None Of Your Damm Bussness

Orion Yeah Legendary Saber

(Orion Strikes Redker And Redker Shoots Orion He Falls Into The Girl Room Where Lots Of Girls Are There)

Orion Ugh Fuck

Redker Get Out Of There (Covers The Screen)

Orion Ok You Wanna Peace Of Me Legend Stick (Strikes Redker In The D**K)

Redker Ugh Shit My Dick

(Orion Goes Out Of Them Rooms And Torwads The Bridge)

Mavro Levira Damaras You Cockless Cunts Stop Being Spastick A-Holes

Levira Yes Sir

(The 2 Run But Orion Shoots Em With The Legendary Sper He Strikes Damaras & Levira And Then Goes To The Bridge)

Orion Ok Fucker Stop Destroying This Planet

Mavro You Fool

(Orion Fights With Mavro Mavro Shoots Orion He Falls)

Vrak Ha


(The 5 Fall)

Troy Ugh Legendary Force Strike


Vrak Ugh....That Idiot

Troy Now Your Going Down Legendary Cannon

Vrak Oh Yes

Troy Fire




Vrak Laughs....You Think That Legendary...Shit Got Rid Of Me Saterlight Beem (He Grows) Now Whos The Strongest

Troy Ok Legendary Megazord Lets Do This

Orion I'm Not Giving Up That Easy

Mavro Oh You Fool

Orion Legendary Axe Cannon

Mavro Go On Shoot Me U Big Fucker

Orion Very Funny But I'm Not Aiming For You I'm Aiming For This (Shoots The Bridge)



Redker Ugh U Fool

Mavro Oh Fuck Quick Grab Him

(Orion Escapes He Goes Out The Window And Goes Space Silver Ranger And Hoves In The Air) Ahhh Much Better

Mavro Fuck You Orion

(The Ship Keeps Going Down)

Vrak Ahhh Yes My Fathers Ship Its Going Down (Vrak Gets Yellzor Grabs Him Out Of Nowhere And Trows Him On The Ground The Ship Crashes Into Him)




Vrak Now I'm The Last Fucker On This Planet

Orion ThunderBolt Megazord Yeah You Are Guys Lets Go Lost Galaxy Galaxy Megazord Strip Saber


Vrak Ugh....No

Troy Lets Use All The Legendary Megazords Into 1 That Will Fuck Vraks Ass Up

Vrak No

Troy Oh Yes It Will

Orion Legendary Ultra Megazord Super Saber

Vrak Oh F**K

Orion Strike


Vrak Fuq U-




Orion Victory Is Ours

(Later Mavro Redker Damaras The Kingsmen & Levira Escape The Wreckige)

Levira Fucking That Silver Ranger Is A Pest And Look What I Got The Saterflection Beem

Redker That Is A Stupid Name

Levira IKR

Gosei Goodjob Rangers But Can You Scatch My Ass Befor You Leave

Tensou Um Guys They Arent Defeated Yet They Just Escaped The Wreckige

Gosei Oh Shit

Tensou U Only Defeated Yellzor And Vrak

Orion Oh Fuck Me Dead

The End

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Air date 3 November 2014
Written by User:The Ironman
Directed by User:Lsvel

User:Dreammaker 34

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