Plot Edit

Alex Still Being a Imbercile Fights Ransik Eric Tells Him To Stop His Foolishness But Alex Bees A Moron And Strikes Out Both Eric & Ransik Eric Calls The Other Rangers Wes Suddley Comes Bak As Well And Alex Relives To Be Ransiks Warrior Who Takes Out The 5 Rangers & Wes He Then Plans To Make The Q-Rex Evil Wth The Morphers Power

Transcript Edit

Eric Ugh Thats Eongh

Alex No Suk Tis its choclate

Eric Thanks

(Eric Sus it and it Turns Out Being his dik)

Alex Oh Yea Baby

Eric Shit U Gross thing

Alex :P U Suked my dik

Eric Whatever

Ransik EONGH


Jen Ha

Ransik Pink Ranger

Wes Gimma The Morpher


Troop Yes U fool i was a immposter

Wes Oh shit

Eric Qautem Cannon


Nadira My fathers Warrior Wont Ber Blasted

Eric U Again Cant U Slutts be fucked or Something

Nadira Fucked Hell No

Ransik Dont Call my Daughter A Slutt

Alex oh Shit

Troop Now Lets Finsh Em

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 9 November 2001
Written by User:Jawsattack 34
Directed by User:Of Ther 2
Episode Guide
Alex Returns
A Red Morpher To Fight For (Time Force)

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