Plot Edit

Ahhh Darksters Life Its The Best Of All But Hes Peaness Comes To Life After Battleing Bens Team

Charcters Edit



Villians Edit


Darksters Peaness

Aliens Used By Ben Edit




Transcript Edit

(Darkster Is Being A idiot)

Darkster Ahhhh Yus I lve You Peaness

Ben guys Im Bored

Rook theres only 1 Guy And ok

Ben -___-

Rook `______________________`

Ben These Faces Are Stupid

Darkster Ahhh Yes Peanewss I-

Ben Darkster

Darkster U Again Fuck Off Im Tallking To My Peaness


DArkster Gay? Rubbish Im Not Gay

Ben Um Yes You Are Because 1 Your Tallking To Your Peaness 2 Your Evil

Ben Boo

Darkster Take This


Ghostfreak Yes

Darkster Magic Strike


Peaness im free finaly after 200 Years Of Imprizzament Im Fucking Getting Out Of Here

Ben ugh what

Darkster Peaness Are You Okayyyyyyyy Peaness Curse You Tennyson Il Get My Fucking Reen ge One Day

Rook Gay

Ben ikr Rook

Rook His Peaness Has Got Away

Darkster And Im Going After It Bye Bitches

Ben Please Jetray

Ben No Curses

Rook ben weve got to find That Peaness Befor Darkster Dose

Ben I Aggre Lets Go


Rook We should Sing Songs

Ben Fuck Up

Rook Ok

Ben Boo

Darksters Peaness Ahhyh Yes Im Free

Buzzshock Not For Long

Peaness Tennyson Piss Off


Ben ugh

Atomix Yes

Peaness uh oh

Atomix Take This


Peaness No-


Darkster No My Peaness

Peaness no

Darkster Ahhh Yes (grabs the peaness) Fool nBye (leaves)

Ben WTF That Was Werid

The End

{{{Series Name}}}
Season 1/2, Episode 65/42
Darksters Peaness Is Off Him And Is Glowiung Magic
Air date 26 Feb 2014
Written by Peter David

Len Uhley Mark Hoffmeier

Directed by Dan Riba
Episode Guide
Dont Fuck Wth The Clones
Poophon Wth The Bug

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