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Gia Actsdentley Stands On A Trap While The Rangers Go And Find The Teski Zord At The Teski Temple

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(The 5 Race)

Gosei I Fooled ya Good

Jake That Was Just Stupid

Gosei No Rangers The Teski Zord Has Been Located

Troy By Who And Wtf Is A Teski Zord

Gosei Its A Zord That Was Burried After I Got Married And Had Sex

Troy Ugh

(Gosei Making Humping Noises)

Troy fuck U Gosei

Gosei Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya

Jake This Is retartedness

Gosei Now Go To The Teski Temple And U Must Go To Floor 69

Troy Fuck This Is Going To Be Another Joke


Damaras Levira The Teski Zord Has Been Spotted

Levira Better Not Wake Vekar Up Because He'll Be A Psycho

Damaras Yes Il Send Some Xborgs Down And They Will Stop The Rangers

(The Rangers Arrive At the Temple)

Troy So Wtf Is This

Emma Its The Teski Temple

Jake He Said To Go Down To Floor 69

Troy No He Said Floor 698

Jake Fuck U Ur Memries Are Dead

Troy Fuck u two

Jake Fuck U2 Wtf U Idiot

Troy No U

Jake Alice Copper

Troy No

Jake Fleetwood Mac

Troy No

Jake John Paul Young

Troy No

Jake Bon Jovi

Troy NO

(A Dragon Roars)

Troy Oh Shit

Jake Lets Go Super Megameat

Troy No Super Force Mode

(The Dragon Shoots Fire At Them Troy Slashs It)

Troy Ahhh That Was Weak

(Big Fatty Comes)


Troy Wtf

Fatty My dick is too fat

(Sticks It Out)

Troy Yes It Is

Fatty Help Me

Troy No

Fatty fuck u I'm Actley Lady Garga

Jake Boo That Bad Romance One Sucks

Lady Garga No fuck U That-

(Xborgs Destroy Her)

Troy Ok Super Striker




Emma Vekar Knows Were Here

Jake Yes So Lets Find The Teski Zord

(They Wallk In A Sexy Room)

Troy Fuck This

Jake Um Guys Theres A Lift There

Troy Shut Up We Gotta Go To Floor 298

Jake U r A idiot And That's Not What U Said Befor U Said 698

Troy NO I Dint

Jake Yes U Did

Troy Ugh Fuck u 2

Jake Stop fucking bono His A Good Singer

Troy No Um B52 Are Better

Emma Guys Were Going On A Floor U r Being 2 Immature To fucking deal with

(The 3 Go On A Floor)

Troy Aww Well Noahs In The Girley Group

Jake And Ur All Alone (He Wallks Away From Him)

(The 3 Go Down On The Lift To Ile 69 And See A Note That Says TRICKED YA)

Gia That fucking asshole

(The Teski Zord Comes Out Of The Ground And Destroys The Teski Temple)

Levira There It Is Boys Lets Destroy It

Troy Who The fuck are U

Levira I Am Levira Ur Knightmare

Troy That's It Super Force Strike


Rolla Warrior Ive Got Him

Troy Saber


(Troy Is Wacked)

Levira Finaly The End Of The Red Super megaforce Ranger Is Here

Troy No

Gia Super Saber Strike


Levira Ugh....Get The Teski Zord

Noah Oh No U Dont

Levira U fuckhead

Troy Ok Super Striker




(Rolla Warrior Is Destroyed)

Damaras U Failed

Levira No Not Quite Yet Master Saterlight Beem

(Rolla Warrior Grows)

Troy Ok Super Megastrike megazord Super Flex Arms

Rolla Warrior U fool

Troy Strike


Troy Strike


Rolla Warrior Ugh...Moron

Gia Lets Use The Dood Mode To fuck This Warrior Up

Rolla Warrior Laughs U Will Never

Gia Dood Mode Dood Slash


Rolla Warrior Fuq

Troy Ok Lets Commbind The Teski Zord With This Megazord

Rolla Warrior That Teski Zord Is Useless As Fuck

Troy Teski Flex Strike Megazoird

Rolla Warrior Uh Oh

Troy Flex Teski Blast




Rolla Warrior No-


Damaras That Fool Gosei Sending Em To Floor 69 Idiot

Gosei :P Yes I Half Tricked U Half Told U So Yes I'm The Winner (Money Appres Evreywhere Then A Car Appres With A White background)

The End

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Air date 16 March 2014
Written by User:Sci100

User:Meat Power

Directed by User:Stranger26
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Jakes New Stradey
A Samurai Sorwad

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