Plot Edit

Wth 8 Rangers On The Team Jayden Gets Jealous Of His Brother When They Go Up Aginst Rofer And Dreadhead Jayden Might Have To Work wth His Brother When The 6 Are Captured By Dayu For A Real Plan

Transcript Edit

Dayu Ugh We Need A Plan To Disopse Of Xandrend

Deker No Eongh

Dayu Worthless Man

Deker Fool

Antino Guys I Think Its Sort Of Boring That

Kevin What

Rofer Hey Humans Its Time To Feel Destroction

Antino There He Is

Rofer Foolish Human I Was Looking For A Fight

Antino Well U Got One

Xandrend What Is That Rofer

Dreadhead And Me

Xandrend U Again

Rofer Laughs


Jayden No

Jaydens Brother Il Destroy Him


Rofer Dayu The Plans Good

Dayu Now We'll Get Rid Of Xandrend

Rofer Laughs

Jaydens Brother We Must Work Together

Jayden Yes Ha


Rofer No....

Kevin Where Back


The End

Younger Brother New Modes
Season 1, Episode 17
Gold And Blue Ranger
Air date 23 July 2017
Written by Blake Fitzpatric (As Blake Fitz)
Directed by James Barr
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Samurai Fools
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