Plot Edit

Trini Must Train If Shes To Beat The Ugly Warrior While Rita Locates A Zord

Transcript Edit

Jason Ernie Please U Must Not

Ernie No Jason Im Sorry

Jason But Ive Got The Skills


Jason :(

Ernie :P

Jason :( :(

Rita Goldar Fuck U Ur A Useless Monkey

Goldar Ugh No

Finster Rita I Have A Warrior He Is The Ugly Monster

Rita If This Dosent Work Finster U'lle Get In Trouble

Ugly Warroior Im Here

Rita Go

Trini Um Wth Warrior Mode Were Strong

Billy But It Was All Zacks & Jasons Teamwork

Jason Please Ernie

Ernie No i Said Fuck U dont u get that fucking Word Yet

Jason I Hate Morons Like U

Ernie I Am Not A Moron

Jason kk

Ugly Warrior Now To-

Goldar Dont Listen To Rita Shes A Bitch

Ugly Warrior Why Should I Do What Ever U Want

Goldar Becuz Shes Headiung After A Zord

Jason Ernie Please

Ernie No

Jason Please

Ernie No

Jason Please


Jason Boo U Suck

Ugly Warrior This Will Draw The Rangers Out

Kim Lets Go

Trini Jason Common

Jason No Sayu What

Ernie Yep No Means No End Of Freaking Story

Jason Ugh

Trini Ugh Il Go Wthout Him

Ugly Warrior Fools

Kim Power Sorwad

Ugly Warrior I'll Shut U Up


Ugly Warrior No Weapons


Kim Lets Use The

Trini We Need Jason If We Are To Do That

Kim Were Is The Kid

Trini In The Juice Bar

Ugly Warrior This Is Fun

Trini No Ur Going Down

Jason Guys Im Here

Ugly Warrior Uh Oh Gotta Go (retreats)

Trini Why Are U Being Foolish Jason

Zordon his being a baby baby baby baby

Jason Shutup

Trini Ugh I Gotta Train

Zack This Needs To Stop Jason Or U Cant Join The Team

Jason No I Want To Fight The Villlians Ernie Was Being a idiot

Zack No It Was U

Ugly Warrior Im Back

Trini Il Be wth u in a minture

Jason Lets Go

Ugly Warrior Ahhh 4 Of U U Are All Fools Il Destroy U

Jason Power Sorwad

Ugly Warrior Power Destroy


Jason This Guy Is Tough

Trini Im Here

Jason Yes

Ugly Warrior Uh Oh Gotta Go

Jason Final Cannon


Rita Make My Warrior Grow

Jason Crok Megazord

Rita Yes Ive Got The Zord Time To Join The Battle

Jason Warrior Mode

Ugly Warrior Fire Strike



Trini No This Is My Battle (dosent move for 2 mins) STRIKE


Ugly Warrior Rita No-


Rita Useless Fools

Jason So We Defeated Ugly Warrior

Trini And U Snapped Out Of Ur Foolishness

Jasoin Whatever

Ernie Ugh Jason

Jason Yes

Ernie Do It

Jason Absolty....Not

Ernie :(

Jason :)

(meanwhile a mystif figure wallks up)

Mystif Its Time

The End

Triva Edit

Tommy Makes A Small Dubet At The End Of This Ep

Where The Zord Attacks The Villians
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date 12 Feb 1994
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by James Barr
Episode Guide
Power Rangers Attack Plan
A New Ranger

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