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Trent & The Others At The End
Air date 13 August 2004
Written by User:Returned 16


Directed by User:Yopont
Episode Guide
The White Morpher Bounces
The White Fight
Elsa Gets The Dino Morpher And Creates A evil (well Trent Gets ther befor She Lweaves And ights her Defeating her And Grabs The Morpher And The Morpher Contrals Him Turing him evil He Attacks And Defeats The Rangers

Transcript Edit

Tommy So...

Ethan Black Ranger got Some keys

Tommy Yea Boy

Elsa Fools The Morpher Will Be Mine

Tommy Wheres Poop

Mesogog That Moron Anton Is A fool Il Slice Him He Will Soon Eat My Poo

Trent No The White Dino Morpher will Soon Be Mine DikSuckers

Tommy Hey Guys

Trent Anton is A fool

Elsa Yes Thers The Morpher

Trentr Wtf

Elsa U Fool




Trent Ugh

Elsa Il Slice U

Trent No Yes The Morpher Its Mine

Elsa No


Trent Bakoff

Elsa Impossable (Leaves)

Mesoigog So U Failed Very Well (Poos) Clean It Up Or Suffer My Wrath

Elsa kk (Cleans It)

Trent Rangers

Kira What a White One

Trent Yes Brade Staff


Kira Ugh

Trent Soon U Will Suffer


Tommy Wow We Come In White

Trent Yes But Evil


(Fires All Around)

Conner This Guy Is Annoying

Trent Yes I Am But Ur History


(Conner UInmorphs)

Trent Stay Outta My Way Or U Will Sniff My Poo Ugh (Trent Runs Away Going Good)

Trent ugh wtf

The End

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