Zurg Is A Villian From Ben 10 Morons Hes Goal Was To Destroy Ben (Like Eon He Is A Timeflawless Villian) He Frist Appres In Aggregors Last Aanocement

Aggregors Last Aanocement Edit

He Sends Icon To Get Rid Of Aggregor And Take Over As Presdent After Icon Fails He Thinks Of Another Plan

Albedos New Car Edit

He Sends Captin Nemiess To Win Money Off A Dumb Game Show After Nemiess Losses And Fails He Reviles He Has Another Plan That Involes Elana

Azmuths Beard Comes Alive Edit

He Sent 2 Galvins To Steal The Seceredy Code So He Can Break Elana Out Of Chip Jail At The End He Spys On Ben And Says That He has No Idea Whatts Coming To Him

Elana Makes A Chip Call Edit

Zurg Sent Elana To Get The Time Key So He Could Unlock The Time Hole So He Could Go To The begginng of Time He Was Later Seen Confreting Ben After Elana Defeated 2 Of His Aliens Ben Goes Lodepire And He Is Defeated By Zurg He Unlocks The Time Hole And Goes In It

The Zurg WarEdit

he Is Followered By Ben & Ben 1000 Into The Time Hole He Goes To See Dagon & He Tricks Dagon Ben & Ben 1000 Find Him But He Has Got Hold Of Pardox He Absorbs Pardoxs Power And Then He Plays Ben & Ben 1000 In A maze Game Witch He Tricks Em And He Is Defeated By Atomic X At The End He Turns Into Dust


Hes actautley Off Toy Story

Apprences Edit