Plot Edit

Wth Chooboo Gone Lothor Starts To Suspect A betrayer On the Ship While Zurgane Steals The Alomet And Uses Its Power To Bild The Evil Green Chopper

Transcript Edit

Lothor What

(Cut bak To trhe previous ep well Flashback)

Chooboo Ugh lothor Has Failed Again

Vexxacus Yes And So Have U




Chooboo Ugh Fuck-


Vexxacus The Others r Next

Lothor That Moron

Zurgane Sir I Have A Plan The Green Alomet

Lothor Yea Whatever

Zurgane But I Might5 Not Suk Ur Hairy Cock

Lothor GO

Zurgane Fine

Lothor Vexxacus Destroying Chooboo That Was Foolish

Vexxacus Chooboo Was Annoying

Lothor No Destroy A Cammander Again And U Suk This Fiffy Thing

Vexxacus Whatever

Shane So Chooboo Was Destroyed

Sensai Yes Vexxacus Is Plotting Aginst Lothor Again

Shane Fuck

Sensai IKR Cam I Want U To Find The Sorse

Zurgane Im Sik Of That Dik Lothor Il Show Him Whos Bad When I What The Green Ranger Yes Il Destroy Him

Cam Um Its Somewhere

Zurgane Green Ranger

Cam Ugh Another Duel

Zurgane Yes Lets Fight

Cam Ya Saber


Zurgane Ha Miss Me Now U Get To Kiss Lothor

Cam Never Im Not Gay

Zurgane Yes U r


Vexxacus Who Shall I Get Rid Of Next

Cam Thats Eongh Stroke Saber


Zurgane Ha


Cam Give Up

Zurgane Not In A Millon Years

Cam Well Then Sorry To Do This To U Striker


Zurgane U Will Suk Lothors Dik Soon Boy

Cam Never

Ziurgane I Failed

Lothor Here It Is

(Zurgane Suks His Dik)

Zurgane Yum

Lothor Thanks

Zurgane I Need RThe Green Chopper Another Attack Will Do

Cam Ugh He Was Stroing

Sensai Cam Remember dont be foolish

Cam Whatever

Zurgane Green Ranger This Time U Get To Die

Cam Ok Im Here

Zurgane Now Ur In My Zone


Zurgane Yes Ur Zord

Cam No Samurai Sorwad Ya




Zurgane Ugh.......No

Cam This Is Eongh Foolishness

Zurgane Yes The Green Chopper Its Cool Ismt It

Cam No Green Chopper Megazord

Zurgane I Can Do That 2 Evil Green Chopper Megazord

Cam Uh Oh

Zurgane Now Ur Doomed

Cam Ok Striker

Zurgane Fool Ur A Idiot Boomwang




(Cam Falls Down From The Megazord)

Zurgane Il Crush It


Cam No

Zurgane Yes Ur Doom-


Shane Dikhead wtf

Zurgane U Fools Again I'l Make U Into Poo

Shane Never Saber


Zurgane Fool-


Cam Goodjob Guys

Sensai Cam Wtf dueling Him Hes Too Powerful

Cam :\ Whatever

Sensai Go

Zurgane Now That I Have The Green Chopper Il Destroy Bloo Bay Harbor Wth It

Vexxacus Then Il Be 2nd In Command

Zurgane No Not U

Vexxacus U r 2 Stupid To Destroy The Citty Of The Rangers

Zurgane We'll See Whos Stupid

Vexxacus Yes We Will

Sensai Guys We Have To Defeat Zurgane Hwes 2 Powerful

Cam Yes Aggred

To Be Contined....

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The Green Megazords In A Battle
Air date 15 Nov 2003
Written by User:Letter guy

User:My Return Comes Back

Directed by User:Sync Power Returns
Episode Guide
A True Ninja
Zurganes Reath Part 2

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